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CADD and Mapping Services Staff

​​​​​Office of CADD and Mapping Services Staff

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collapse Section : 1) Administrative ‎(3)
Rachel Lewis,
Kyle Ince, P.E.Mapping Technology Development and CADD/Survey
Margaret SmithAdministrator
collapse Section : 2) Remote Sensing and Mapping ‎(4)
Austin KorteAerial Data Acquisition and Aerial Archive / GIS
collapse Section : 3) Survey ‎(6)
Ray Foos, P.S.Survey Operations Manager | UAS Program
Dave Beiter, P.E.VRS Support | Aerial Archive Program Manager | GIS
Kolton WilsonEngineering & Surveying Innovative Technology
Matt O'Bryan, P.S.Survey Field Crew Leader, Technology
Rick HentzTransportation
David OgdenSurvey and Mapping
collapse Section : 4) CADD ‎(3)
Mark McCloudCADD Services
John Drsek, P.E.GEOPAK / OpenRoads / Spreadsheet
Matt EibenGEOPAK / OpenRoads Development and
collapse Section : 5) Engineering Technology Support ‎(2)
Jack KerstetterProjectWise
Brandon WilliamsInformation Technologist/ ProjectWise