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Public Aerial Image Requests

​​Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imagery has MOVED to the new ODOT public website. Please update your bookmarks and click the link below to be redirected.​

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 Public Requests for Aerial Imagery 

Aerial Imagery Archive

The office of CADD and Mapping Services has implemented a new innovative way to search for historic aerial imagery. You can now access the entire ODOT Aerial Imagery Archive through a single Google Earth (KML) file.

To use our Google Earth (KML) file you must have Google Earth installed on your desktop computer.
Click here to download Google Earth

Next, all you need to do is download the Aerial Imagery Archive (KML) file.
Click here to download the Aerial Imagery Archive (KML)

Click here for Instructional Video

Now open the Aerial Imagery Archive (KML) in Google Earth and begin your imagery search!

We have structured the Google Earth (KML) file as follows:

  • Top level is sorted by DECADE
  • Second level under DECADE is sorted by YEAR
  • Third level under YEAR is sorted by DATE of imagery
  • Forth level under DATE is sorted by each IMAGE

The ODOT Aerial Imagery Archive contains over 500,000 individual images. Each image is represented in Google Earth as a single center point for each image. The image center point is displayed as a camera icon. The Google Earth time slider has been enabled for searching through specific time periods depending on the imagery loaded or toggled on. Also, when searching for images try to load specific years or single decades and not the entire aerial archive as this may result in Google Earth crashing due to the extensive amount of image points being loaded.

The aerial images available for download are not orthophotos therefore, will not overlay properly when loading in Google Earth or other GIS applications.

ODOT will only supply digital copies of aerial imagery. If you need to request a printed copy of a certified image please contact a staff member below.

Click here for Image Disclaimer and Copyright information.

Public Request Contacts

Austin Korte 614-466-5054
Tim Burkholder 614-752-2971​

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The staff is available to answer any questions you may have Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 614-275-1359. Please note we have moved to 1980 West Broad St., Mail Stop 4130 Columbus Ohio, 43223

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Available Products

*Printed images on paper at near photo quality resolution

*Images on CD or DVD.

The price is our cost to reproduce the images, plus any tax and/or shipping  costs that may apply.

We accept checks. Cash will no longer be accepted after September 18, 2012.




Aerial Photo

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In order for us to fulfill a public records request, please complete the form below.

A quad map(prefer .pdf, .doc or .jpg file type) is needed, showing a mark or box around the area in which you would like photography. Also, please indicate approximately what time frame you are looking for. Our aerial photography collections has images dated from the 1940's to present day.


CLICK HERE to submit an aerial image request form.



 ‭(Hidden)‬ Public Request Contacts

Rick Hentz (Primary Contact) Digital Imaging 614-275-1369
David Beiter