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Survey & Mapping Specifications

​​​​Survey & Mapping Specifications​

Survey & Mapping Specifications have been MOVED to the new ODOT public website. Please update your bookmarks and click the link to be redirected.


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INS Based Mapping Survey Quality Control Report Template.docxINS Based Mapping Survey Quality Control Report TemplateINS Based Mapping Survey Quality Control Report Template1725 KB
Vertical Accuracy Worksheet.xlsxVertical Accuracy WorksheetVertical Accuracy Worksheet21 KB
Horizontal Accuracy Worksheet.xlsx Horizontal Accuracy WorksheetHorizontal Accuracy Worksheet20 KB
Conventional Based Mapping Survey Quality Control Report Template.docxConventional Based Mapping Survey Quality Control Report TemplateConventional Based Mapping Survey Quality Control Report Template288 KB
Survey and Mapping Specifications 01-21-2022.pdfSurvey and Mapping Specifications 01-21-2022Survey and Mapping Specifications 01-21-20222178 KB
XXXXXX_SurveyMaster.xlsmSurvey Master v2019.11.01XXXXXX_SurveyMaster589 KB
ODOT_Survey_Codes_Alphabetical.pdfSurvey Field Codes (listed Alphabetically)ODOT_Survey_Codes_Alphabetical1181 KB
ODOT_Survey_Codes_Category.pdfSurvey Field Codes (listed by Category)ODOT_Survey_Codes_Category1176 KB
ODOT_Survey_Codes_NoLongerUsed.pdfSurvey Field Codes (No Longer Used)ODOT_Survey_Codes_NoLongerUsed80 KB
OHDOT20210611_Trimble.zipSurvey Field Code List for Trimble Data Collectors (.fxl)OHDOT20210611_Trimble10 KB
OHDOT20210611_Leica.zipSurvey Field Code List for Leica Data CollectorsOHDOT20210611_Leica25 KB
ODOT Codes by Topcon.zipSurvey Field Code List for Topcon Data CollectorsODOT Codes by Topcon14 KB
ODOT_Trimble_CustomStyleSheets_XSL.zipSurvey Custom Style Sheets for Trimble Data Collectors (.xsl)ODOT_Trimble_CustomStyleSheets_XSL15 KB
GPS_Averages.FRTLeica GPS Averages ExportGPS_Averages1 KB
SULS Specifications_2017_with Appendix.pdfSubsurface Utility Location Services Specifications (formerly SUE)SULS Specifications_2017_with Appendix435 KB
SULS Appendix A Fee Proposal Spreadsheet.xlsxSubsurface Utility Location Services Fee Proposal SpreadsheetSULS Appendix A Fee Proposal Spreadsheet72 KB
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Final ODOT Survey  Mapping Specifications.pdfSurvey & Mapping Specifications - July 19, 2013Final ODOT Survey Mapping Specifications1407 KB
Survey and Mapping Specifications January 17 2020.pdfSurvey & Mapping Specifications - January 17, 2020Survey and Mapping Specifications January 17 20204603 KB
SurveyandMappingSpecificationsz_7_2011.pdfSurvey & Mapping Specifications - July 15, 2011SurveyandMappingSpecificationsz_7_20111556 KB
ODOT_Survey_Mapping Specifications_160715.pdfSurvey & Mapping Specifications - July 15, 2016ODOT_Survey_Mapping Specifications_1607152311 KB
Revision Letter October 15, 2010.pdfRevision Letter October 15, 2010Revision Letter October 15, 201029 KB
SURVEYMASTER Spreadsheet.xlsmSurvey Master SpreadsheetSURVEYMASTER Spreadsheet625 KB
Mapping Specifications October 15, 2010.pdfMapping & Survey Specifications October 15, 2010Mapping Specifications October 15, 2010274 KB
How to Use the SURVEYMASTER.pdfHow to Use the SURVEYMASTERHow to Use the SURVEYMASTER401 KB
Mapping Specifications July 17-2009.pdfMapping Specifications July 17, 2009Mapping Specifications July 17-2009148 KB
Coordinate Statistical Analysis.xlsCoordinate Statistical Analysis SpreadsheetCoordinate Statistical Analysis39 KB