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2010 CMS Conversion Guidelines
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2010 C&MS Conversion
Designer Guidelines

 2010 C&MS Implementation Schedule

All projects with an award date of 7/1/2010 (sale date of 6/24/2010) or after must be converted to the 2010 C&MS.  This corresponds to a plan package delivery date to Central Office as follows:

 Letting Schedule

Plan Package Delivery Date

12 Week Process (Applies to projects with a construction value under $10 million and no prebid meeting.)


18 Week Process (Applies to Federal Oversight projects, projects with a construction value over $10 million and projects with a prebid meeting.)


23 Week Process (Applies to Design Build Projects)


The implementation deadlines listed above apply to ALL projects administered by ODOT including locally sponsored ODOT-let projects.

Districts should coordinate updates to projects previously submitted to Central Office (e.g., reservoir projects and design-build projects) with the Office of Estimating.  Revised sheets should be submitted in accordance with the TIFF submission procedure.  Revisions necessary to implement the 2010 C&MS that result in delaying the plan file date will not be counted against the District's OPI measurements.

Exceptions to the C&MS conversion deadlines are at the discretion of Tim McDonald, Deputy Director, Division of Production Management.  Given the limited work necessary to convert plans from the 2008 C&MS to the 2010 C&MS, approval of exception requests is considered unlikely.

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 Update Notification

Notification of significant changes to the 2010 C&MS Conversion Designer Guidelines will be mailed to the Volume 3 mailing list.  To sign up for the mailing list, please sign up for the Volume 3 mailing list using the DRRC website.

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