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2019 C&MS Conversion
Designer Guidelines
2019 C&MS Implementation Schedule 
2/01/2019 - Plan packages may be submitted that reference the 2019 C&MS.
4/19/2019 - The first SS800 for the 2019 C&MS will be issued.  SS800 will be reissued quarterly.
7/01/2019 - All plan packages submitted shall reference the 2019 C&MS.
7/19/2019 - The final SS800 for the 2016 C&MS will be issued.
NOTE:  If the plans are updated to the 2019 C&MS, all item codes, plan notes, etc., shall be evaluated for the new specifications.  The plans shall be updated to reflect the new specifications.
The implementation deadline listed above applies to ALL projects administered by ODOT, including locally sponsored ODOT-let projects.  Contact Gary Angles, P.E., Administrator, Office of Construction Administration with questions.
2019_Designer Guidelines for CMS_012319.pdf
1/23/2019 1:28 PM*NOTE:  The Designer Guidelines are intended only to highlight major changes to the 2019 C&MS. It shouldn't be assumed that they capture every change to the document. It is the user's responsibility to account for any future changes to the specifications.

 Update Notification

Notification of significant changes to the 2019 C&MS Conversion Designer Guidelines will be mailed to the Volume 3 mailing list.  To sign up for the mailing list, please sign up for the Volume 3 mailing list using the DRRC website.


For 2019 C&MS Designer Guidelines Conversion document questions, please contact Fanita Cheek

For 2019 C&MS specific questions, please contact the Office of Construction Administration

For 2019 Item Master questions, please contact the Office of Estimating