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Field Exploration Picture Gallery

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Field Exploration Picture Gallery

Paul Painter
Office of Geotechnical Engineering Geology Program Manager

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We are providing the following images for the benefit of our many Clients and other personnel throughout ODOT, to give a pictorial overview of the work that our Drilling Crews perform, to gather the important Geotechnical data that makes the design of Roadways and Structures safer, longer-lasting, and of higher quality, for our ultimate customers, the motoring public.

CME 55 Rig Drilling in the Road
Our Drillers do much more than just drilling on the road...


Acker XLS Drilling through Guardrail
We drill right over the edge...


CME 850 Rig Drilling on a Remote Hilltop
...and even in some pretty remote locations.


CME 850 Rig Angle Drilling
We have rigs that can angle drill...


Acker XLS Rig Drilling on SlopeAcker XLS Rig Drilling on Slope
...and sometimes we need to put the rig at an angle.


Our tracked drills can even reach the middle of a river.
CME 850 Rig Performing Mud Rotary Drilling
We can drill mud rotary when necessary.


Big Beaver Drill in the WoodsBig Beaver Drill on the Roadside
If a conventional rig can't reach the site, we have portable equipment.


Rock Coring with a Hand Drill
Rock coring with a hand drill.


Some of our final product:

Rock Core Samples in a Core Box
Rock core samples


Installed Inclinometer Casing
An installed Inclinometer Casing



We also do other types of field exploration:

Electric Resistivity (ER) TestingElectric Resistivity (ER) Results
Electric Resistivity (ER) Testing

Pressuremeter Testing
Pressuremeter Testing


CPT Rig on Road at Grand Lake St. Marys
CPT Testing


CPT Rig tracking off road for Culvert Exploration
...and it can go off road too.



Installing Slope Inclinometers under Power Lines


Slope Inclinometer Reading
Reading Slope Inclinometers on I-77


Automatic Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing

Throwing All of our Drilling Resources at a Job


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