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The Ohio Department of Transportation is currently migrating its CADD software from Bentley Systems V8i versions to Bentley Systems CONNECT Edition platform (this includes the transition from GEOPAK to s Designer). One of the main drivers of this transition is due to Bentley Systems discontinuing support for its V8i products on January 1st, 2021.
Please see the Transition Plan on ODOT’s Office of CADD & Mapping Services website at:

 MicroStation Text to Node Files

MicroStation Text to Node Files
The MDL application can be used to combine multiple individual lines of text into a text node in MicroStation.  This could be used to combine the individual lines of text of rock descriptions when included on boring graphics.  As a text node you can select the text and use the “handles” to resize (word wrap) the length of the text node. 
txt2node.maMicroStation Text to Node MDL Application
7/19/2016 7:34 AM
txt2node.htmMicroStation Text to Node MDL Instructions
7/19/2016 7:56 AM

 MicroStation Text to Node MA Instructions

Product: TXT2NODE
Date: Oct 30, 2002
TXT2NODE is an application allowing text to be placed
from a multiline text item. Through the multiline text item,
text can be positioned as desired.
Copy to the Bentley\program\MicroStation\mdlapps\ directory.
Open MicroStation and either key-in mdl load text2node or from the
Utilities, MDL Applications load text2node. A single icon will be placed on the
JUSTIFICATION - The JUSTIFICATION area will set the justification
for the text node.
USE FENCE - The USE FENCE toggle button informs the application to
use a fence, if one is present.
DELETE ORIGINAL - DELETE ORIGINAL toggle button will delete the
original text items while the multiline item is being loaded.
(c) 2002 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. All rights reserved.