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Roadway and Geohazards Section



About this Section:
The Roadway and Geohazards Section is led by Assistant Office Administrator Stephen Taliaferro. The Section is responsible for oversight of the design of earthwork and roadway subgrade on ODOT projects and involvement in the geotechnical specifications committee. The Section is active in cataloguing Geohazards and other Geologic and Geotechnical features, employing Global Positioning, Geodetics, and GIS.  The Section is involved in the development of geohazard inventories and risk assessment processes, including the development of the Abandoned Underground Mine and Risk Assessment Manual and provides support to the Districts for its implementation.  They also assist in implementation of ODOT Geotechnical and Geohazard policy for remediation of Landslides and Rockfalls. The section also maintains an archive of historic Geotechnical data as a valuable resource in the planning of current projects.

This Section is responsible for oversight of the roadway geotechnical aspects of ODOT projects. We review geotechnical deliverables (reports, soil profiles, calculations, etc.) and roadway plans for geotechnical content. We also perform in-house geotechnical explorations and designs for roadway projects and geohazard remediations. In construction, we make ourselves available to support projects that have extraordinary geotechnical features.

In addition to project work, we develop and maintain specifications for the performance of subsurface explorations. We also review and develop plan notes, proposal notes, and special provisions related to earthwork and geotechnical engineering. We author Geotechnical Bulletins to provide guidance for various aspects of Geotechnical design, analysis, and instrumentation.  We are also involved in maintaining portions of the Geotechnical design checklists and coordinating Geotechnical design aspects with the Project Development Process (PDP).







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