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Hydraulic Software and Design Resources

Parameter Files Update Procedure.pdf
CDSS Parameter Files Update Procedure
Instructions for updating the CDSS files containing the new IDF curve data and culvert parameters
434 KB 7/18/2014
New IDF Curve Data
36 KB 7/18/2014
33" & 27"x42" sizes eliminated
37 KB 7/18/2014
CDSS Version
After installing CDSS, ensure the default parameter files are replaced with the Revised CDSS Parameter Files shown above. The revised files are not included with the installation package and must be updated after the software is installed.
9411 KB
ODOT CDSS - User manual
2135 KB
CDSS Revision Log
A history of the program revisions
59 KB
Field Paving of Pipe.xlsx
Field paving of existing culverts
Spreadsheet which performs a structural analysis of an existing conduit to determine reinforcing requirements based on invert material loss.
55 KB 1/5/2018
Spread and Scupper Bypass.xls
Spread and Scupper Bypass
Spreadsheet to aid in determining scupper bypass flow as discussed in L&D Vol. 2
173 KB
Durability Design_January 2020 update.xlsm
Culvert and Storm Sewer Durability Design
Excel Spreadsheet to perform conduit durability design for culverts and storm sewers
9777 KB 1/17/2020
ODOT Culvert Design Process 2016.pdf
ODOT Culvert Design Process
Flowchart to aid in the culvert design process
35 KB
Supplemental Storm Sewer Design Guidance & Example
We have created supplemental storm sewer design guidance in an attempt to clarify the process. The document simplifies the design of storm sewer and provides all of the equations that are used for the design.
1623 KB
Calculation of Flood Peak Discharges in Accordance with USGS Report 89-4126
Reference Geographic Region Map below
43 KB
Geographic Region Map.pdf
Location of Streamflow Gaging Stations and Region Boundaries
For use with Rural Regression Equation Spreadshet above
7039 KB
2008 09 15 ODOT Ltr re re embankment levees TL.pdf
Highway Embankments as Levees
FHWA has issued a memorandum providing guidance on highway embankments being certified for use as levees or flood control structures.
1772 KB
ODOT Conduit Reference-CONCRETE.pdf
Concrete Pipe Chart
Quick reference guide for ODOT C&MS 611 concrete conduit materials
92 KB 3/14/2018
ODOT Conduit Reference-PLASTIC.pdf
Plastic Pipe Chart
Quick reference guide for ODOT C&MS 611 plastic conduit materials
98 KB 3/14/2018
ODOT Conduit Reference-STEELandALUMINUM.pdf
Metal Pipe Chart
Quick reference guide for ODOT C&MS 611 metal conduit materials
98 KB 6/4/2019
Hydraulic Engineering Conference 2011 Introduction.pdfHydraulic Engineering Conference 2011 IntroductionOffice of Hydraulic Engineering867 KB 3/9/2011
Wisehart-Bates-Indiana Reline.pdfWisehart-Bates-Indiana RelineTrenchless Technology12853 KB 3/9/2011
Union_County_Culvert_Spraylining.pdfUnion_County_Culvert_SprayliningCulvert Spraylining3067 KB 3/9/2011
Environmental Services.pdfEnvironmental ServicesFlood Insurance Studies12765 KB 3/9/2011
Hydraulic Permits Submittals.pdfHydraulic Permits SubmittalsRegional General Permit13956 KB 3/9/2011
MSD Cooperative Efforts.pdfMSD Cooperative EffortsODOT and MSDGC Coordination on I-75 Corridor19077 KB 3/9/2011
GIS Culvert Inventory.pdfGIS Culvert InventoryCulvert Management2963 KB 3/9/2011
OSIP LIDAR Data.pdfOSIP LIDAR DataHow to use OSIP LiDAR Data2619 KB 3/9/2011
Floodways.pdfFloodwaysFlood Insurance Studies5488 KB 3/9/2011
SS802 Presentation.pptxSS802 PresentationSupplemental Specification 802 Performance Based Specification for Pipe and Drainage Structures (*Now 611)1663 KB
Culvert Design material selection[1].pptCulvert Design material selection[1]Material Selection5358 KB