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Archive Roadway Standard Construction Drawings
Location & Design Manual - Volume 1 
 Roadway Standard Construction Drawings
 Roadway Plan Insert Sheets

Bridge Terminal Assemblies, Curb Ramps, NJ Shape Barrier, Single Slope Inlets, and other sheets.
 Proprietary Roadside Safety Devices
Information, Plan Notes, Shop Drawings, and contacts for Anchor Assemblies, End Treatments, and Impact Attenuators and other approved products.
 Approved Products List
Opens a new window for ODOT's Office of Material Management's Approved Products List.  Lists Alternate Guardrail Blockouts, Alternate Guardrail Posts, Glare Screens, and Mailbox Supports.

Separate link to Truncated Domes Approval List.
 FAQs and Designer Information

Standard Construction Drawings - Roadway

100 Concrete Pavement with Metal CenterJoint 1930.pdf
76 KB
101 Strut for Holding Center Joint in Concrete Construction 1926.pdf
111 KB
104 Type C1 C2 C3 C4 Guard Rail 1932.pdf
138 KB
105 Type D1 D2 D2 D4 Guard Rail 1932.pdf
157 KB
106 Type E Guard Ral 1930.pdf
101 KB
107 Type F Guardrail 1926.pdf
83 KB
108 Type G Guard Rail 1926.pdf
76 KB
109 Vertical Curves for Grade Lines 1930-1932.pdf
144 KB
110 Intersection of Grades 1927.pdf
74 KB
111 Standard Barricade 1931.pdf
77 KB
112 Schedule for Developing Application of Curve Functions Widening and Superelevations 1930.pdf
113 KB
113 Application of Widening and Superelevation to Grade Line 1930.pdf
129 KB
114 Schedule of Elevation of Supplemental Form for Curve Widening 1927-1932.pdf
187 KB
115 Standard Crown 1927-1933.pdf
184 KB
115-AStandard Crowns Concrete Only 1928-1933.pdf
196 KB
116-16 Schedule of Extra Width and Superelevation of Pavement on curves for 16 Pavement 1927.pdf
190 KB
116-18 Schedule of Extra Width and Superelevation of Pavement on curves for 18 Pavement 1927.pdf
165 KB
117 Subgrade Templet for Concrete Roads 1927.pdf
91 KB
118 Weights of Waterbound Macadam.pdf
112 KB
119 Type H Guard Rail 1928.pdf
92 KB
120 Grade Differentials For Equal Yardage 1930.pdf
86 KB
121 Grade Differentials for Equal Yardage 1928.pdf
69 KB
123 Expansion Joint Concrete Pavement 1932.pdf
107 KB
126 Type K Guardrail 1931.pdf
114 KB
127 Type A Mesh Fabric 1930-1933.pdf
147 KB
128 Type B Steel Mats 1930-1933.pdf
151 KB
129 Standard Curbs 1930.pdf
60 KB
130 Brick on Concrete(Uniform Thickness) Base 1932.pdf
63 KB
131 Brick on Concrete (Thickened Edge) Base 1932.pdf
65 KB
134 Concrete Pavement 1932.pdf
103 KB
135 Sheet or Rock Asphalt on Concrete Base 1930.pdf
50 KB
137 Bituminous Macadam on Waterbound Base 1930.pdf
66 KB
138 Bituminous Macadam on Thickened Edge Base Waterbound Macadam 1930.pdf
55 KB
139 Waterbound Macadam 1930.pdf
46 KB
141 Surface Planer 1930.pdf
81 KB
142 Typical Anchors for Guard Rail 1933.pdf
60 KB
143 Standard Berms, Slopes, and Ditches.pdf
54 KB
144 Standard Crowns for All Pavement Except Concrete 1929-1932.pdf
363 KB
145 Standard Crowns for Concrete Pavement 1929-1932.pdf
356 KB
146  Tables No1 1931.pdf
152 KB
147 Tables No 2 1931.pdf
143 KB
95 Sleeved Dowel Contractions Joint 1931.pdf
130 KB
96 Construction Joint 1930.pdf
59 KB
97 Typical Roadway Template 1930.pdf
73 KB
98 Concrete Pavement with Impressed Centerjoint 1930.pdf
73 KB
99 Yardage Table.pdf
108 KB
ADA No1 Aeronautical Directional Alphabet 1960.pdf
72 KB
B-70J Joints Concrete Base 1933-1936.pdf
839 KB
B-71J Joints Reinf Concrete Base 1933-1936.pdf
803 KB
BP-1 Subgrade Templates 1965.pdf
59 KB
BP-1.1 and 1.1M Concrete Pvmt Reinf 1992-2000.pdf
811 KB
BP-1.2 and M Continually Reinf Pvmt 1987-2000.pdf
900 KB
BP-10 Pressure Relief Joint Type A 75-84.pdf
180 KB
BP-11 Pressure Relief Joint Types B,C,D 75-84.pdf
163 KB
BP-12 Curb Ramps 75-87.pdf
284 KB
BP-13 Rigid Replacement 85-90.pdf
218 KB
BP-2 Pavement Reinf 1965-1985.pdf
540 KB
BP-2.1 Longitudinal Pvmt Joints 1992-2013.pdf
1868 KB
BP-2.2 Transverse Pvmt Joints 1992-2008.pdf
859 KB
BP-2.3 Pressure Relief Joint 1992-2014.pdf
3475 KB
BP-2.4 Pressure Relief Joint Types 1992-2013.pdf
795 KB
BP-2.5 Rigid Replacement 1992-2013.pdf
608 KB
BP-2.6 Retrofit Dowl Bar 2005-2008.pdf
80 KB
BP-3 Longitudinal Pavement Joints 1965-1976.pdf
537 KB
BP-3.1 Resurfacing, Asphalt Paving 1992-2019.pdf
1678 KB
BP-4 Transvers Pvmt Joints 1965-1987.pdf
995 KB
BP-4.1 Driveways 1992-2013.pdf
483 KB
BP-5 Resurfacing 1965-1987.pdf
745 KB
BP-5.1 Conc Curb and Gutter 1992-2000.pdf
337 KB
BP-5.1 Conc Curb and Gutter 1992-2018.pdf
840 KB
BP-6 Driveways 1965-1987.pdf
144 KB
BP-6.1 Pvmt Joints at Ramp Terminals 1971-2013.pdf
1422 KB
BP-7 Conc Curb and Gutter 1965-1987.pdf
358 KB
BP-7.1 Curb Ramps 1994-2018.pdf
4820 KB
BP-7.2 Retrofitted Curb Ramps 2007.pdf
137 KB
BP-8.1 Concrete Shoulders 97-2008.pdf
459 KB
BP-9 Pavement Joints at Ramp Terminals 71-76.pdf
171 KB
BP-9.1 Shoulder Rumble Strips 96-2017.pdf
2046 KB
BP-9.2m Shoulder Rumble Strips 96.pdf
71 KB
B-T-50-60 Bituminous Concrete Resurfacing and Widening 33.pdf
117 KB
B-T-50-70-71 Subgrade Templates 33-47.pdf
269 KB
B-T-70-71 Concrete Base and Pavement Equipment 33.pdf
87 KB
B-T-70-71 Subgrade Templates 60.pdf
74 KB
B-T-71 Reinforced Concrete Base and Pavement Equipment 33.pdf
60 KB
B-T-71R Pavement Reinforcing 33-53.pdf
2101 KB
DR-1 Driveways 1953.pdf
108 KB
E-5 No1 ShouldersSlopes and Ditches 38-40.pdf
293 KB
E-5 No2 ShouldersSlopes and Ditches 38-40.pdf
245 KB
E-5 ShouldersSlopes and Ditches 1935.pdf
93 KB
F-1 Chain Link Fence 57-83.pdf
1325 KB
F-1.1 and m Chain Link Fence 1995-2013.pdf
1999 KB
F-2 Woven Wire Fence 1958-1976.pdf
761 KB
F-2.1 and m Woven Wire Fence 1995-2018.pdf
1373 KB
F-3 Fence 1958-1976.pdf
719 KB
F-3.1m Fence Details at Bridges 1995-2013.pdf
474 KB
F-3.2 and m Walk Gates 1995-2014.pdf
1565 KB
F-3.3m Fence Details 1995-2013.pdf
350 KB
F-3.4m Fence Details 1995-2013.pdf
1616 KB
F-4 Walk Gates 1964-1983.pdf
550 KB
F-5 Fence Terminals 1966-1976.pdf
307 KB
F-6 Special Terminals 1966-1975.pdf
261 KB
F-7 Chain Link Glare Screen 1977.pdf
94 KB
FACI-1 Federal Aid Construction Identification Signs 1961-1971.pdf
682 KB
FACI-2 Federal Aid Construction Identification Signs 1961-1971.pdf
469 KB
G-7.07 Barricades and Gates 33-64.pdf
769 KB
G-8.07 Barricades and Gates 47-51.pdf
315 KB
gr-1 Guardrail Details 65-85.pdf
545 KB
gr-1.1 and m Guardrail Details 87-2012.pdf
1590 KB
gr-1.2 and m Guardrail Details 87-96.pdf
434 KB
gr-1.3 and m Guardrail Details 92-94.pdf
142 KB
gr-2 Guardrail 1965.pdf
60 KB
gr-2.1 and m Guardrail Type 5 and 5A 90-2012.pdf
1505 KB
gr-2.2 and m Guardrail Type 5 with Tubular Backup 91-2012.pdf
3979 KB
gr-2.3 25ft Long-Span Guardrail 03-2012.pdf
388 KB
gr-2.3 Guardrail Type 4 82-97.pdf
191 KB
gr-2.4 and m Long Span Guardrail Across Culvert 97-2012.pdf
429 KB
gr-2a Guardrail Type 4, Type 7 67-82.pdf
344 KB
gr-2b Guardrail Type 5 68-82.pdf
522 KB
gr-2c Guardrail Type 4 75-82.pdf
190 KB
gr-2d Guardrail Type 1 1977.pdf
108 KB
gr-3 Bridge Terminal Assemblies 62-90.pdf
1180 KB
gr-3.1 and m BTA, Type 1 91-2012.pdf
1133 KB
gr-3.2 and m BTA, Type 2 91-2012.pdf
854 KB
gr-3.3 and m BTA, Type 3 91-2012.pdf
920 KB
gr-3.4 and m BTA, Type 4 91-2018.pdf
2384 KB
gr-3.5 and m BTA Type 1 Barrier Design 92-2012.PDF
1256 KB
gr-3.6 and m Bridge Terminal Assemblies, Type TST 94-2012.pdf
1345 KB
gr-3.7m Bridge Terminal Assemblies 94-97.pdf
191 KB
gr-3a Bridge Terminal Assemblies 71-82.pdf
317 KB
gr-3b Bridge Terminal Assemblies 72-85.pdf
532 KB
gr-4 Anchor Assembly (Type A) 71-82.pdf
577 KB
gr-4.1 and m Anchor Assmebly (Type A) 82-2012.pdf
937 KB
gr-4.2 and m Anchor Assembly (Type T) 84-2012.pdf
1921 KB
gr-4.3 and m Anchor Assembly (Type B) 82-97.pdf
308 KB
gr-4.4 and m Type B Anchor Assembly Details 92-94.pdf
139 KB
gr-4.5 Guardrail Type B Buried in Backslope 99-2012.pdf
1021 KB
gr-4a Anchor Assembly (Type T) 76-84.pdf
243 KB
gr-4b Anchor Assembly (Type B) 1982.pdf
82 KB
gr-5 Guardrail Flares 68-82.pdf
215 KB
gr-5.1 Guardrail Flare Details 91-10.pdf
662 KB
gr-5.2 Introduction of Guardrail Runs Foreslope 6 to 1 or Flatter 92-10.pdf
765 KB
gr-5.3 and m Introduction of Guardrail Runs Foreslope Steeper than 6 to 1 92-10.pdf
657 KB
gr-5a Guard Rail 1965.pdf
51 KB
gr-5b Guard Rail 1965.pdf
55 KB
gr-6 Guardrail at Bridges 65-82.pdf
368 KB
gr-6.1 and m Guardrail at Bridges 96-10.pdf
712 KB
gr-6.2 and m Median Guardrail at Piers 96-10.pdf
577 KB
gr-6.3 Thrie Beam Bullnose at Bridge Piers 2012.pdf
353 KB
gr-6a Guardrail at Bridges 1982.pdf
49 KB
gr-7 Guardrail Transitions 71-82.pdf
109 KB
gr-7.1 Median Guardrail at Piers 1992.pdf
66 KB
gr-8 Concrete Barrier at Obstructions 1990.pdf
68 KB
gr-8.1 Concrete Barrier at Obstructions 1994.pdf
73 KB
I-129 I-15 Guard Rail 1962.pdf
84 KB
I-15 C-C Guard Rail 1933-1936.pdf
217 KB
I-15 No 2-B Guard Rail 1957.pdf
99 KB
I-15 No 3 Guard Rail 1939-1954.pdf
328 KB
I-15 No 4 Guard Rail 1941-1954.pdf
423 KB
I-15 No 5 Guard Rail 1941-1961.pdf
444 KB
I-15 No 5-A Guard Rail 1963.pdf
63 KB
I-15 No 5-B Guard Rail 1963.pdf
65 KB
I-15 No 6 Guard Rail 1941-1963.pdf
424 KB
I-15 No 7 Guard Rail 1941-1957.pdf
479 KB
I-15 No 8 Guard Rail 1942-1957.pdf
173 KB
I-15 No 9 Guard Rail 1945-1947.pdf
185 KB
I-15 P-C Guard Rail 1933-1936.pdf
270 KB
I-15 P-P Guard Rail 1933-1936.pdf
191 KB
I-15 S Guard Rail 1933-1936.pdf
308 KB
I-15 S-C Guard Rail 1933-1936.pdf
522 KB
I-21 Traffic Dividers 1951.pdf
125 KB
I-21-23 Traffic Dividers 1954-1964.pdf
471 KB
404 KB
I-3C and D Barrier Median Inlets 1980.pdf
307 KB
302 KB
IHS No 1 Intersatate Highway Sign 1958.pdf
227 KB
L-1 Roadside Improvement 1936-1973.pdf
1119 KB
L-2 Roadside Improvement 1938-1973.pdf
697 KB
L-3 Roadside Improvement 1947-1952.pdf
994 KB
L-3-A Roadside Improvement 1950.pdf
80 KB
LA-1.1 Tree Wells and Pruning 1995-2010.pdf
1144 KB
LA-1.2 Planting and Bracing 1995-2009.pdf
1218 KB
746 KB
1052 KB
LJ No 1 Pavement Joints 1944-1955.pdf
564 KB
MC-1 Roadway Items 1965-1969.pdf
239 KB
MC-2 Concrete Steps 1965-1981.pdf
154 KB
MC-3 Barricades and Gates 1965-1983.pdf
596 KB
MC-5 Paved Gutters 1965-1975.pdf
164 KB
MC-6 Traffic Dividers 1965-1984.pdf
207 KB
MC-9 Concrete Barrier 1973-1986.pdf
338 KB
MC-9.1 50 Inch Portable Concrete Barrier 1992.pdf
75 KB
MC-9.2 32 Inch Portable Concrete Barrier 1991.pdf
75 KB
MC-9.3 Concrete Barrier 1992.pdf
90 KB
216 KB
MC-9.4 Concrete Barrier Transitions 1992.pdf
45 KB
132 KB
86 KB
MC-9A Precast Concrete Barrier 1980-1985.pdf
259 KB
1833 KB
1029 KB
595 KB
1046 KB
2691 KB
167 KB
680 KB
389 KB
102 KB
414 KB
612 KB
461 KB
786 KB
612 KB
OS-1 Overhead Signs 1955-1956.pdf
235 KB
OS-2 Overhead Signs 1955-1956.pdf
216 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No 1 1955-1961.pdf
253 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No10 1959-1960.pdf
137 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No11 1959-1960.pdf
138 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No12 1960.pdf
156 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No13 1961-1969.pdf
160 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No14 1964.pdf
124 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No2 1955-1960.pdf
142 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No3 1955.pdf
61 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No4 1955-1960.pdf
238 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No5 1955-1964.pdf
385 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No6 1955-1965.pdf
347 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No7 1956-1960.pdf
133 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No8 1956-1960.pdf
131 KB
Pavement Joint Assembly No9 1957-1960.pdf
136 KB
Pavement Joints PCJ 1942.pdf
139 KB
Pavement Joints PCJ No2 1943.pdf
135 KB
Pavement Joints PJ No1 1948.pdf
126 KB
Pavement Joints PJ No2 1948.pdf
163 KB
RI-1 Roadway Items 1951-1964.pdf
448 KB
RI-2 Roadway Items (Concrete Steps) 1964.pdf
85 KB
RM 2.1 Concrete Steps 1995.pdf
77 KB
RM 3.1m Traffic Dividers 1995.pdf
50 KB
RM-1.1 and m Roadway Monuments 1995-2014.pdf
4716 KB
RM-2.1 Concrete Steps 2003-2013.pdf
403 KB
RM-3.1 and m Traffic Dividers 1995, 2003-2013.pdf
373 KB
RM-4.1 and m 50in Portable Concrete Barrier 1995,2006-2017.pdf
1215 KB
RM-4.2 32in Portable Concrete Barrier 1995, 2002-2019.pdf
3354 KB
RM-4.3 Single Slope Barrier 2003-2017.pdf
3310 KB
RM-4.3m Concrete Barrier 1997.pdf
153 KB
RM-4.4 and m Single Slope Barrier Transitions 1995,2003-2017.pdf
1285 KB
RM-4.5 Single Slope Barrier, Type D 2003-2017.pdf
2340 KB
RM-4.5M Concrete Barrier at Obstructions1995-1997.pdf
160 KB
RM-4.6 Concrete Barrier End Sections 2003-2010.pdf
3219 KB
RM-5.1 Steel Bollards 2003-2014.pdf
777 KB
RM-5.2 Bikeway Railing 2003-2014.pdf
520 KB
RM-6.1 Concrete Parking Block Detail 2003-2014.pdf
200 KB
RM-7.1 Drilled Water Well Abandoned 2005-2014.pdf
151 KB
RP No1 Roadside Parks (Fence Detail) 1956.pdf
119 KB
RP No2 Roadside Parks (Picnic Table) 1956.pdf
114 KB
RP No3 Roadside Parks (Bulletin Board) 1956.pdf
68 KB
RP No4a Roadside Parks (Combination Toilet and Storage Building) 1957.pdf
95 KB
RP No4b Roadside Parks (Combination Toilet and Storage Building) 1957.pdf
95 KB
RP No4c Roadside Parks (Combination Toilet and Storage Building) 1957.pdf
54 KB
RRA No1 Roadside Rest Areas (Fence Detail) 1958-1963.pdf
225 KB
RRA No2 Roadside Rest Areas (Picnic Tablel) 1958-1965.pdf
229 KB
RRA No4a Roadside Rest Areas (Toilet and Storage Unit) 1958-1964.pdf
173 KB
RRA No4b Roadside Rest Areas (Toilet and Storage Unit) 1958-1964.pdf
202 KB
RRA No4c Roadside Rest Areas (Toilet and Storage Unit) 1958-1965.pdf
157 KB
RRA No5 Roadside Rest Areas (Charcoal Grill and Serving Table) 1958.pdf
144 KB
RRA-3 Roadside Rest Areas (Charcoal Grill and Serving Table) 1958-1965.pdf
158 KB
SCD 1933_1of2.pdf
28846 KB
SCD 1933_2of2.pdf
28988 KB
T-32 Composition of Surface Courses 1933.pdf
92 KB
T-35 Resurfacing 1951-1956.pdf
219 KB
T-70 J Joints Concrete Pavement 1934-1936.pdf
536 KB
T-70-71 AEJ Type A Air Expansion Joint 1934.pdf
121 KB
T-70-71 AEJ Type B Air Expansion Joint 1934.pdf
85 KB
T-70-71 AEJ Type C Air Expansion Joint 1934.pdf
104 KB
T-70-71 E No1 Concrete Pavement Equipment 1933.pdf
74 KB
T-71 J Joints Reinf Conc Pavement 1934-1936.pdf
694 KB
T-90 E No1 Sand Cushion Strikeoff Template 1933.pdf
84 KB
TJ No1 Pavement Joints 1950-1953.pdf
521 KB
TJ No2 Pavement Joints 1950-1953.pdf
597 KB
TJ No3 Pavement Joints 1950-1954.pdf
714 KB
TJ No4 Pavement Joints 1953.pdf
222 KB
TJ Pavement Joints 1955-1960.pdf
634 KB
TJ-5 Transverse Joints.pdf
126 KB
TJ-9 Transverse Joints.pdf
134 KB