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Location and Design Revisions
Location & Design Manual - Volume 1 
 Roadway Standard Construction Drawings
 Roadway Plan Insert Sheets

Bridge Terminal Assemblies, Curb Ramps, NJ Shape Barrier, Single Slope Inlets, and other sheets.
 Proprietary Roadside Safety Devices
Information, Plan Notes, Shop Drawings, and contacts for Anchor Assemblies, End Treatments, and Impact Attenuators and other approved products.
 Approved Products List
Opens a new window for ODOT's Office of Material Management's Approved Products List.  Lists Alternate Guardrail Blockouts, Alternate Guardrail Posts, Glare Screens, and Mailbox Supports.

Separate link to Truncated Domes Approval List.
 FAQs and Designer Information

Location & Design Man​ual - Volume 1 

Revision Descriptions​


Date Of Revision

Revision Subject

​January 17, 2020

LDM Section 100 – Design Controls and Exceptions

105.3 National Network - changed guidance for design exceptions on National Network

LDM Section 300– Cross Section Design

301.1.4 Pavement Transition / Taper Rates - added guidance

301.2.3.1 Right Turn lane Shoulder Width - added guidance

305.2 Types and Uses - added Type 9 Curb

LDM Section 400 – Intersection Design

401.2.3 Roundabouts - added guidance for analysis

401.6.4 Double Right Turn Lanes - modified guidance

403.6.12 Spirals - provided additional guidance

LDM Section 500 – Interchange Design

550.1 General - provided additional guidance

550.2.1 interchange Operations Study (IOS) - provided additional guidance for use of certified traffic

LDM Section 600

600.2.3 Operational Offsets on Urban Streets - clarified guidance

602.2.2.3 Cable Anchors - length of need should be shown on the plans

LDM Section 900 – Access Control, R/W use Permits and Drive Design

904.2 Landscaping Elements & Fixed Objects - added additional guidance for aesthetic fixed objects.


​July 19, 2019

LDM Section 300– Cross Section Design

308.5.4 added text to clarify the use of gutter with bike lane width

LDM Section 400 – Intersection Design

403.4.1 provided additional guidance

403.4.6 Added section

403.4.6 added guidance for approach design

403.6.9 added guidance for splitter island design

LDM Section 500 – Interchange Design

550.2 Interchange Study - added certified traffic guidance

550.2.1 Added guidance for the use of certified traffic


​January 18, 2019

Glossery – Defined Shy-Line Offset and Shy Distance

LDM Section 100 – Design Controls and Exceptions
105.5.1  Added criteria to No. 7
106 Crash Analysis changed to Data-driven Safety Analysis.  Guidelines reference the Safety analysis guidelines maintained by the Office of Program Management.
LDM Section 300– Cross Section Design
308.8 Other Roadway Design Considerations. Guidance for providing bike lanes changed.
LDM Section 400 – Intersection Design
Major revision to section 400 - added information for the design and development of roundabouts.
LDM Section 500 – Interchange Design
501.2 added information and guidance for the use of interchange types
501.2.1 added information for diamond interchanges
502.2.2 added information for cloverleaf interchanges
501.2.3 added information for directional interchanges
LDM Section 600
603.1.4.6 Portable Concete Barrier - Reference added to the Office of Roadway Engineering FAQ site.
605.1.5 Existing Shoulders - added information for rumble stripe references



​July 20, 2018
LDM Section 100 – Design Controls and Exceptions
1.    105.2 – Controlling Criteria – Added possibility to have a lane width design exception on a low-speed roadway.
2.    105.3 – National Network – Provided information on the National Network and its lane width requirements.
LDM Section 300– Cross Section Design
1.    301.1.2 – Lane Width – Referenced Section 105.3 for the National Network lane width requirements.
2.    301.2.4 – Shoulder Cross Slope – Added a transition design for when the shoulder cross slopes vary between the roadway and bridge.
3.    Figure 301-2 – Added Note D referencing the National Network lane width requirements in Section 105.3.
4.    Figure 301-4 – Added the reference to the National Network in Section 105.3 in Note B. 
LDM Section 400 – Intersection Design
1.    Figure 401-8 – Added design information for a design speed of 65 mph.
2.    Figure 401-9 – Added a design speed of 65 mph.
3.    Figure 401-10 – Updated figure.
4.    Figure 401-12 – Added design information for a design speed of 65 mph.
5.    Figure 401-14aE – For signalized intersection analyses in HCS, added text, “Note, protected lefts must have a minimum contiguous duration of 7s.”
LDM Section 500 – Interchange Design
1.    505.2.1 – Multi-Lane Exits – General –Added text to limit the use of Figure 505-2b to System Interchanges. Added text for new Figure 505-2d to be used for 2-lane exits at Service Interchanges.
2.    Figures 503-4a and 503-4b – Updated figures and details. Added Note E-4 on the Notes page which refers to revised SCD RM-3.1.
3.    Figure 503-5 – Updated for the current truck design vehicle, WB-62.
4.    Figure 505-1a – Changed the lane taper rates from the speed taper to the rates shown in Table A.
5.    Figure 505-1b - Changed the lane taper rates from the speed taper to the rates shown in Table A.
6.    Figure 505-2b – Changed to only be used at System Interchanges.
7.    Figure 505-2d – New figure showing details for 2-lane exits at Service Interchanges.
8.    Figure 505-3 – Updated figure and provided more guidance on lane tapers, lane reductions, pavement markings, etc.
LDM Section 550 – Requests for New or Revised Access – Interstate Highways or Other Freeways
1.    §550.1 – General
a.   Revised date to match new FHWA policy release date of May 22, 2017
2.    §550.2 – Access Point Request Document
a.   Copy/pasted FHWA’s May 22, 2017 two-point policy
b.   Revised section regarding degradation to mainline
c.    Added text that an Interchange Study needs to following ODOT’s PDP
d.   Moved text for 6 policy points that are no longer part of the May 22, 2017 policy. These 6 items are now addressed prior to the IMS/IJS, as part of the Feasibility Study (FS) and Alternative Evaluation Report (AER)
e.   Added text that ORE will not review an IJS/IMS that
                                         i.    Does not have an approved Purpose & Need; or
                                       ii.    Does not have appropriate study limits required to support the approved P&N; or
                                     iii.    When ORE did not review the FS and AER, when applicable; or
f.     Add link to Interchange Studies course manual at the end of section where it is referenced
g.    Removed Preliminary Access Point Request Document paragraph
3.    §550.2.1 – Interchange Operations Study (IOS)
a.   Added more examples of when an IOS is the appropriate level interchange study.
4.    §550.3.1 – Study Methodolgy (General)
a.   Added text stating another primary goal of an Interchange Study is to ensure traffic queuing at the off-ramp does not hinder mainline operations.
5.    §550.3.2 Constrained Traffic
a.   Revised text to step thru the process of when constrained analyses need to be performed and how to prepare them.
6.    §550.4 - Environmental Studies
a.   Removed section and replaced with Submission of Interchange Studies. Added requirement to submit a pdf of HCS/Synchro/SimTraffic results created from the software to enable searchable text and to submit traffic analysis files (HCS, Synchro, etc.) when all Interchange Studies are submitted
7.    §550.5 - Review Process
a.   Changed title to Review of Interchange Studies and moved portion discussing submissions to §550.4
8.    Example Problem 550-1 (Constrained Analyses)
a.   Updated to reflect current standards
LDM Section 600
– Figure 601-2 – changed wording of key for median barrier warrants to match the Roadside Design Guide
– Figure 603-2 – Minimum barrier clearance changed to “working width”.  Working width of MGS with ½ post spacing is 3’6” and ¼ post spacing is 3’.
-601.2.1 – Safety Studies – added additional guidance on factors typically included in a safety study.
-602.1.4 – approach slope used with MGS barrier shall be 10:1 of flatter.
-603.1.2.1 - approach slope used with MGS barrier shall be 10:1 of flatter.
-603.1.2.3 - approach slope used with MGS barrier shall be 10:1 of flatter.
State Highway Access Management Manual (SHAMM) – Manual was completely re-written and updated.
​January 19, 2018
Section 300
Added section 307.6.4 for the construction of small height berms instead of wasting fill material
Section 400
Revised Figure 401-11.  Minimum “G” dimension changed to 10’
Updated Figures 401-13a – 13d
Updated Figure 401-14b
Updated turn lane example after Figure 401-10E
Section 800
            Updated to reflect the use of the State Highway Access Management Manual
​July 21, 2017
Section 100
·         105.1 General -Side roads with more than 600’ of approach work do require design exceptions
Section 300
·         305.3 Position of Curb -If a catch basin is not being provided, the gutter can be sloped at the same rate as the adjacent pavement.
·         Figure 301-1 - Clarified figure for use.  Table should be used as guidance.
Section 400
·         Figure 401-9E - Modified length of turn lanes for moderate speed deceleration and storage
·         Figure 401-12 - Modified L2 values.
Section 600 
·         602.5 Protection at Bridges and fixed Objects - Provided additional guidance.
·         602.1.5 Guardrail with Curbs - Clarified table to include design speed as a reference
·         605.1 Shoulder Rumble Strips - Further defined rumble strips
·         605.1.2 Types - Removed section
·         605.1.6 Bicycle Considerations - Provided additional information on gap pattern
·         605.1.7 Residential Areas – Removed reference to Type 1 and Type 3 rumble strips.
Section 900
·         904.1 General – Removed reference to Standard Procedure 512-001
​January 20, 2017
Section 100
o   Minor changes to section 105 Design Exceptions for high speed and low speed roadways.  Clarified section 105.5.2 for LPA projects.
Section 300
301.2.5 Lateral Clearance – removed paragraph related to design exceptions.
306.3.6 Curb Ramp Evaluation – Section defines an alteration which triggers ADA compliance.
306.3.7 Exception to Curb Ramp Replacement – defines an exception to section 306.3.6      
Figure 301-3 
o   Reduced shoulder width for Interstate, Other Freeways & Expressways
o    Changed note C from “Use 10 ft. if truck traffic is less than 250 DDHV. If 10 ft. treated width is used, graded width may be reduced by 2 ft.” to “Where truck traffic exceeds 250 DDHV, additional shoulder width may be beneficial. If the treated shoulder width is increased then the graded shoulder width should be increased by the same amount.”
Figure 301-4 
o   Changed minimum curbed shoulder width for Interstate, Other Freeways and Expressways
o    Changed note H to “Where truck traffic exceeds 250 DDHV, additional shoulder width may be beneficial.” From “May be reduced to 10 ft. if the truck traffic is less than 250 DDHV”
Figure 302-1
o   Changed minimum lateral clearance for Interstate, Other Freeways & Expressways
o   Changed note D to “Where truck traffic exceeds 250 DDHV, additional shoulder width may be beneficial.” From “Where the truck DDHV is 250 or less, may be reduced 2 ft.”
Section 400
Updated Figure 401-14b – Traffic Operational Analysis Design Software (SIDRA)
Section 500
Revised Figure 505-2b.  Changed solid lane lines to dashed.
Section 600 
603.3.2 Type B – clarifies location of pay length and additional details related to the anchor
603.3.3 Type E – clarifies pay length
603.3.3 Type E – Added text specifying that a Type E should not be installed on a radius.
Section 1000 – Added an entirely new section on Performance Based Project Development.
​July 15, 2016
·         Section 100 –
o   Revised section 105 Design Exceptions to include new documentation and approval process.
o   Created new section 106 Crash Analysis.
o   Revised Figures 106-1, 106-2, 106-2 and the Design Exception form
·         Section 300
o   Revised 301.1.1.1 Disposition of Pavement Required Due to Maintenance of Traffic to reflect new policy and standard procedures.
o   Revised 301.2.5 Lateral Clearance in reference to design exceptions.
o   Revised 308.6.2 to clarify retrofitting bicycle facilities without roadway widening.
·         Section 400
o   Revised section 401.3 Crossroad Alignment by removing the reference to design exceptions for horizontal alignment and superelevation.
·         Section 800
o   Revised section 801.1 Access Control Directives by removing references to directives and standard procedures that no longer exist.
​January 15, 2016
Section 300
Figure 301-4E: 
Note (F) removed reference to divided collectors.  Divided arterials shall follow the shoulder criteria instead of the median criteria.
   Note (G) added reference to Section 602.1.5
Note (J) added - Paved shoulder width reductions of less than 2’ will not require a design exception at sign or luminaire foundations or bridge piers.  The minimum 4’ lateral clearance must still be provided.
      Figure 302-1E
Note (J) added – A reconstructed bridge is any improvement to an existing bridge involving the replacement of the bridge deck or more.
      Figure 303-1E
         Replaced references to ‘pavement’ with the ‘traveled way’.

July 17, 2015

Section 300

301.2.3, 301-4 and 301-3 Language added - shoulder width reductions of less than 2' at sign or luminaire foundations or bridge piers will not require a design exception.

307.2  Other Agencies BMPs not to be located on ODOT R/W.

Section 500 

IOS Language Added.

Section 600 

Figure 600-2 Reference to obsolete Section 900 removed.

BMP's added as a hazard.

MGS with no blockouts language added.

MGS with one post missing language added.

​January 16, 2015 Figure 301-3 Column added for Graded Shoulder Width without barrier and Foreslope Steeper than 6:1

Figure 401-8 Updated

Section 550.4 Environmental Studies Updated.

Figures 505-2a & 2b no longer label non mainline vs all facilities

Section 600

Language added to clarify that providing median barrier on divided highways that do not have full access control should be based on Engineering Judgment.

Language added regarding cable barrier placement and overlap – Figures 602-3a, 602-3b, 602-4a, 602-4b updated to clarify the intent.

Language added that reduced guardrail post spacing should begin upstream of where the actual reduction in deflection is needed

New Section 801.2.6 Locked-Gate Access to Freeways and other Limited Access Highways

Figure 803-3 the 4’ value was removed from the dimension on the Isometric view

Appendix B – Sample Plan Notes updated.

​July 18, 2014 Section 600 – language added that concrete sealers are not required for concrete barrier, language added to clarify the defenition of work zone impact attentuators, and the glare screen requirements have changed.
Section 800 – Driveway Pavement Material updated to match the Construction & Material Specifications, Figure 803-3 updated for ADA Compliance.
The Roadside Safety Landscaping Guidelines are no longer a separate appendix, but have been made into ​       Section 900. Information for Roundabout Landscaping was also added.
Appendix B  Pavement Material for paving under guardrail was updated to match Construction & Material Specifications. 
​Jan 17, 2014

Section 100 A couple sentences have been clarified regard where the Design Exception documentation will be retained.
Section 300 – Launguage tweaked regarding pedestrian facilities, and a new section for on-street bicycle facilities was added.
-     Figure 301-3 Rural Shoulder Criteria updated to accomodate grading requirements for type MGS Guardrail
-     Change to Figure 301-2
Section 700 Section & Figures added for Shared Use Path Design 

July 19, 2013
Section 100 – Design Exception Process Rewritten, 3R project information added (Section 900 removed)
Section 200 – Figures updated to include 75 mph design speeds
Section 300 – Figure 301-4 was revised
Section 400 – Revised Section 401.2 (Intersection Traffic Control and Operational Analysis).  
-      Added Sections 401.2.1 (Signals), 401.2.2 (Stop Control), and 401.2.3 (Roundabouts) and revised text
-       Added Figures 401-14a thru 401-14c (Traffic Operational Analysis Design Software)
Section 500 – Figures updated to include 75 mph design speeds
Section 600 – Figure 602-1 revised to include 75 mph design speed
Section 800 – clarification to language regarding ODOT right of way and BMPs
Section 900 – removed, information now in Section 100
Appendix B – Guardrail Plan Notes revised
Appendix C  – Removed
April 19, 2013​
Section 300
            changes were made to Figure 302-1
January 18, 2013​
Section 300
            changes have been made to Figures 301-7 and 302-1
Section 600
-Clarification on Clear Zone vs. Urban Lateral Offsets vs. Operational Offset
-New guardrail system, "Midwest Guardrail System" or MGS
-Type 5 guardrail designs in progress will need to revert to the 7/20/2012 publication of this manual
-Clarification on when/where to specify a Type 3 Impact Attenuator
-Updates to Figures to include the new MGS guardrail
Appendix A
October 19, 2012​ No Revisions​
July 20, 2012​
Preface – Updated manual list, office names and District phone numbers. Glossary updates include revisions to the definition of traveled way to conform to the AASHTO definition and added definitions for Bike Lane, Shared Lane, Shared Use Path and Sidepath.
Section 100
            102.1 Updated language as to which ODOT office now houses traffic data
104.2 Revised language to design speeds
104.3 Legal Speed Values removed
Figures 104-1 & 104-2 removed
Section 200
Page 2-11 – Section 203.3.3 deleted Figure 203-5, no longer used.
Page 2-14 – Revised Figure update dates and removed Figure 203-5.
Figure 201-3E – Revised Passing Sight Distance values to conform with the 2011 AASHTO Green Book values.
Figure 202-1E – Added explanation for the formulas.
Figure 203-2E – Added an explanation for the formula.
Figure 203-5E – Removed figure.
Section 300
Page 3-2 – Section 301.1.3, changed the word “pavement” to “traveled way”. Removed the WB-50 design vehicle since it is no longer an AASHTO design vehicle.
Page 3-9 – Section 305.3.2, added greater emphasis to avoid the use of curb on high speed facilities.
List of Figures – Revised Figure update dates. Removed Figure 301-5bE since the WB-50 is longer an AASHTO design vehicle.
Figure 301-1E – Updated to conform with the 2011 AASHTO Green Book.
Figure 301-4E – Removed preferred values. Revised widths to conform to the 2011 AASHTO Green Book.
Figure 301-5aE – Changed the word “pavement” to “traveled way”.
Figure 301-5cE – Added reference to the AASHTO Green Book for other design vehicle traveled way widening.
Figure 303-1E – Added the 4’ minimum barrier offset to Note “G”.
Section 400
401.2 Language added regarding Operational Analysis
401.6 Language added referring to the changes in 401.2
Page 4-8 – Added 20’ minimum lengths to Sections 401.8.1 and 401.8.2.
Section 500
Page 5-8 – Sections 503.6.1 and 503.6.2.2, added “mainline” to the design speeds. Section 503.6.2.1, added paragraph for when the entrance terminal results in an add-lane (no merge).
Page 5-9 – Section 503.6.3.2, added ”mainline” to the design speed.
550.2 reference added to reflect changes in section 102.1, timeline added for reevaluation of an IMS if project has not been constructed
550.2 language added to reflect changes in Section 401.2, Section about Delay Balancing removed
Example 550-1 Revised
List of Figures – Revised Figure update dates.
Figure 503-1aE – Revised to conform with the 2011 AASHTO Green Book.
Figure 503-2cE – Added note for when the entrance terminal results in an add-lane (no merge).
Figure 505-1aE – Added note to clarify what terminal to use with a single lane convergence.
                Section 900
                        901.4 3R projects to refer to section 100 for design speeds
                        906.2.1 guardrail upgrades to refer to  “current standard guardrail” instead of Type 5
                        Format updated to match the rest of the manual
                        Section 907.22 Heavy Overlay Shoulder Treatment removed
                Appendix C
                        HCS & SIDRA Software Permitted, guidelines added
April 20, 2011​

Updated Figure 602-1 to reflect the new runout lengths in the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide.  This effectively reduces Length of Need calculations.

The Sample Calculations in Section 600 were updated to utilize the new Runout Lengths​

January 20, 2012​

No revisions​
October 21, 2011​ Preface
  Updated the Date of the Highway Capacity Manual to 2010 on page ix 
Section 100
  Figures 106-1 through 106-5 replaced with new 106-1
Section 500
  Page 5-14 modified to refer to the latest Federal Highway Policy on Interstate Access
Appendix A 
  Updated to include the latest FHWA Policy - Additional Interchanges to the Interstate System, the IMS/IJS Report Outline and Checklist were also revised
Appendix B 
  Changed R127 to reference Figures 602-3&4 instead of a plan insert sheet for appropriate layouts 
Appendix C 
  PHF Factor revised​
July 15, 2011

Section 100

-In section 101.3 the "Office of Urban and Corridor Planning" has been replaced with "Office of System Planning and Program management".
-In section 105.1 the word "guardrail" has been replaced with the word "barrier".

Section 600

-In section 602.1.1 the word "guardrail" has been replaced with the word "barrier".
-The office title "Roadway Engineering Services" has been replaced with "Roadway Engineering".

April 15, 2011

Section 100

-Replaced Planning Administrator and Production Administrator with Planning and Engineering Administrator

Section 300

-Revised section 307.2.5 and Figure 307-5E

Section 600

-Revised sections 602.2.2.2, 603.1.4.1, 603.1.4.2, 603.1.4.6, 603.3.2, 603.3.3, 603.4, 603.4.1, 603.4.2, 603.4.3, 603.4.4, 603.4.5

-New Figures 602-3E and 602-4E

Section 800

-Revised Figure Index

Appendix B

-Revised Plan Notes R112, R113, R123, R124, R125

-New Plan Note R127

January 21, 2011


-Revised the dates for the reference manuals under "Application" and "Design Reference Documents"

Section 600

-Section 603.3.4 no longer allows Type A's to be installed on the NHS system.

October 15, 2010


Traffic Analysis Criteria moved to newly created Appendix C

Section 200

-Page format updated to match the rest of the manual

-Figure 203-6E -minor typo corrected

Section 300

-304.3.2 & Figure 303-1 E, curbed median minimum width = 4'

-306.3 rewritten and Figure 306-4E & Figure 306-5E updated accordingly

Section 401.6.x

-Reference to Appendix C added

Section 550.3.3

-Reference to Appendix C added

Figures 503-1a, 503-2c, 505-1a, 505-1b updated

Section 600

600.2.2 Clear Zone on Low Speed Urban Streets -language clarification

602.2.2.2 Cable Barrier Placement in Median updated

Figure 601-2 Median Barrier requirements are specifically intended for Freeways

Figure 600-4 Legend has been corrected

Section 805.3 Commercial Drives Table Updated on page 8-11

Appendix C - new

Reference Table of Contents was missing from last update, it was put back in.

April 16, 2010

Section 305.3.3

  Language removed and "Refer to Section 602.15" added

Figure 302-1

  Language below the table revised

Notes to Figure 302-1

  Language revised in I, J, K

Section 503.2

  Language revised in the last bullet point

Section 600.2.2

  Language revised

Figure 600-3 and 600-4

  These are new figures

Roadside Safety Landscaping Guidelines

  Language in sections 4 and 5 has been revised, Figures have been revised

October 16, 2009   Section 100

Revised Section 105 to match changes to Section 503.2

 Figure 202-9

Corrected the radius for a 12°00' curve

 Figure 203-1

Revised to allowable grade values for Urban Locals prior to 2006


Figure 203-2

Figure revised to clarify how close an allowable grade break can occur to a vertical curve.


Figure 301-2

Added Note C to the values for Locals with 1501 to 2000 ADT at 55 and 60 mph


Figure 301-3 and Notes

Deleted Notes I and L since they no longer apply.   References to the notes were revised in the figure. Revised Note N to also include the right shoulder. (Without the revision we could have a situation where the right shoulder would have been 8' and the median shoulder would have been 10' or 12')


Figure 301-4

Revised Note H to include the right shoulder. Added reference to Low Volume Roads for Collector and Local Streets with ADT<400.


Figure 301-5c

Change the 8.1 to 8.0 for 20' pavements at 30 to 39 mph with a 14°30' curve.


Figure 503-1a

Added the rest of the note that is contained on Exhibit 10-68 of the AASHTO Green Book which states that 300' should separate the taper and gore of successive entrance ramps. (Actually AASHTO says 90 m (270') but converting metric to English is 295') Also added a drawing to clarify the location of gore points.


Section 500

Revised Section 503.2 to clarify when design exceptions are required for ramps for speed related design criteria.

Figure 601-2E

Figure revised.

Section 600

Many section revised.

Appendix B

Plan notes updated to agree with vendor shop drawings.

 Landscaping Guidelines

Sections 4.1 and 4.4 revised.

July 17, 2009

306.3.1 Curb Ramp Locations

Section 306.3.1 - revised text

October 17, 2008

100 (All of 100's text is included):

Section 104.2 - revised text

Section 106 - new section

Figure 105-1 - removed "Curve Widening" row from figure

Figure 106-1 to 106-5 - Five new flow charts for Section 106

Three new design exception samples - formatted as "Examples" to match other examples in Volume 1.

300 (only the affected pages are included):

Section 305.3.2 - Title change (only the affected pages of 300 are included)

Section 305.3.3 - last paragraph changed "face of guardrail" to "barrier offset"

Figure 301-2 - Rick changed the ADT rows to match the Green Book and any subsequent Rural Lane Widths

Figure 301-3 - Rick changed the ADT rows to match the Green Book and any subsequent Rural Shoulder Widths

Figure 301-4 - Rick changed the lane and shoulder widths, and Note B

Figure 303-1 - Changed title in right most column, changed Note G

500 (just this figure is included):

Figure 503-3c - Added the Exit Curve Table and revise Note 1

July 18, 2008 Addition of new text section, 550.2.1 "Safety Improvements on Interstate Highways and other Freeways.".

Minor changes to three figures:
Figure 202-9 - Radius for 12 degrees should be 478 feet.
Figure 301-4 - Added Note J, which reads "Use 4 foot minimum lateral clearance when adjacent to longitudinal barrier or bridge parapet".
Figure 503-3c - Fixed incorrect figure reference in detail and revised double asterisk note.

January 25, 2007 Minor changes to Section 306 to support release of two Curb Ramp Drawings, and to Section 603 as a result of deletion Single Slope barrier Types A and A1 shown on revised SCD RM-4.3.  Various other changes.  See cover letter for specifics.
October 20, 2006 Roadway Plan Notes (Appendix B) have been updated.
July 21, 2006 Minor changes to 300, 400, 500 and 600.  Text is presented in one column format.

New Figures 401-4a & 401-4b.

Section 601.4 - New text on Barrier Considerations for Large Trucks as per NTSB, FHWA and NCHRP Report 505.

April 21, 2006 Rewrote Section 202.5 and included new Figure 202-11.  Otherwise, various minor corrections.
January 20, 2006 Rewrote superelevation text and figures in Section 200 to match AASHTO. Updated and revised Landscaping Guidelines (found in the Reference Section) to now include urban landscaping situations. Various other minor changes.
January 21, 2005

Various minor changes, mostly to Figures in Sections 200, 300 and 500.

October 29, 2004

Section 400, Geometric Design divided into two sections, Section 400 for Intersection Design and Section 500 for Interchange Design.

Various revisions to the Preface, Section 100, 300, and 600.
New Appendices A and B.

January 16, 2004

Revised Section 100 (except for Design Exception Examples). Revised Section 600 (Metric Sample Calculations to be posted later).

November 8, 2002

New Preface, Glossary & Reference Documents, Revised Section 300, Section 500 Rescinded (included in new Traffic Engineering Manual).

August 19, 2002

Revised Section 200.


May 30, 2002

Inclusion of "Guidelines for Identifying Acceptable Locations for the Disposal of Waste Material and Construction Debris or the Excavation of Borrow Material Within ODOT Right-of-Way" in Reference Section.


August 31, 2000


Inclusion of "Landscaping Guidelines" in Reference Section.


February 10, 2000

Added Section 1500 - "Plan related Actions" to Volume 1 web-page.


April 29, 1999

Revised Sections 100 & 600.
Rescinded Section 700 - "Pavement Design" and replaced with "Multi-Modal Considerations."



​ ​​​​​