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Plan Insert Sheets - Roadway
Location & Design Manual - Volume 1 
 Roadway Standard Construction Drawings
 Roadway Plan Insert Sheets

Bridge Terminal Assemblies, Curb Ramps, NJ Shape Barrier, Single Slope Inlets, and other sheets.
 Proprietary Roadside Safety Devices
Information, Plan Notes, Shop Drawings, and contacts for Anchor Assemblies, End Treatments, and Impact Attenuators and other approved products.
 Approved Products List
Opens a new window for ODOT's Office of Material Management's Approved Products List.  Lists Alternate Guardrail Blockouts, Alternate Guardrail Posts, Glare Screens, and Mailbox Supports.

Separate link to Truncated Domes Approval List.
 FAQs and Designer Information

Plan Insert Sheets - Roadway

The Office of Roadway Engineering maintains the following Roadway Plan Insert Sheets.

Concrete Barrier Transition (V8PDF)
Transition from Single Slope to New Jersey concrete barrier.

Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type BR-1 (V8, PDF)
This bridge terminal assembly is to be used when upgrading guardrail connected to 27" bridge parapets (BR-1) from 1979 to 1989. 

Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 1, Steel Curb Assembly Retrofit (V8PDF)
This steel curb retrofit is to be used with BTA  GR 3.1 dated 4/18/03, 1/19/07, and 10/16/09 and GR 3.5 dated 4/18/03 and 4/16/10 that were constructed without a concrete curb.

Portable Concrete Barrier "Y" Connector (V8PDF)
Connection between two runs of PCB and one run or impact attenuator.  

Guardrail Type 5MR (V8PDF)
Both sides of Type 5 Barrier Guardrail shall have cross slopes that are 10:1 or flatter.  Type 5MR Barrier Guardrail shall have a cross slopes of 10:1 on one side and up to 6:1 cross slope on the median side with the added rub rail.

Type 5 Guardrail

  • GR-1.1: Guardrail Details (V8PDF)
  • GR-2.1: Guardrail Type 5 & 5A (V8PDF)
  • GR-2.2: Nested Type 5 Guardrail With Tubular Backup (V8PDF)
  • GR-2.3: 25' Long-Span Guardrail (V8PDF)
  • GR-2.4: Long Span Guardrail Across Guardrail (V8PDF)
  • GR-3.1: Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type  1 (V8PDF)
  • GR-3.2: Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 2 (V8PDF)
  • GR-3.3: Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 3 (V8PDF)
  • GR-3.4: Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 4 (V8PDF)
  • GR-3.5: Bridge Terminal Assembly, Barrier Design (V8PDF)
  • GR-3.6: Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type TST (V8PDF)
  • GR-4.1: Type A Anchor Assembly (V8PDF)
  • GR-4.2: Type T Anchor Assembly (V8PDF)
  • GR-4.5: Guardrail Type 8 Buried in Backslope (V8PDF)
  • GR-5.1: Guardrail Flare Details (V8PDF)
  • GR-5.2: Introduction of Guardrail Runs - Foreslopes 6:1 or Flatter (V8PDF)
  • GR-5.3: Introduction of Guardrail Runs - Foreslopes 6:1 or Steeper (V8PDF)
  • GR-6.1: Guardrail At Bridges (V8PDF)
  • GR-6.2: Guardrail At Piers (V8PDF)

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