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Revision Sets
Contains Standard Sign Designs for standard traffic control signs addressed in the OMUTCD and TEM, as well as some additional signs that, at least as yet, are not specifically addressed in either of these manuals. The pavement marking alphabet and symbols are also contained in this manual.

Sign Designs & Markings Manual (SDMM)

Revision Sets​

collapse Year Revision Posted : 2021 ‎(1)
SDMM Rev Set_011521.pdf1/15/21 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_011521969 KB 1/15/2021
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2020 ‎(3)
SDMM Rev Set_071720.pdf7/17/20 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_071720889 KB 7/17/2020
SDMM Rev Set_041720.pdf4/17/20 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_041720396 KB 4/17/2020
SDMM Rev Set_011720.pdf1/17/20 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_011720641 KB 1/17/2020
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2019 ‎(2)
SDMM Rev Set_071919.pdf7/19/19 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_071919532 KB 7/19/2019
SDMM Rev Set_011819.pdf1/18/19 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_011819647 KB 1/18/2019
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2018 ‎(2)
SDMM Rev Set_072018.pdf7/20/18 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_0720181549 KB 7/20/2018
SDMM Rev Set_011918.pdf1/19/18 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_011918926 KB 1/19/2018
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2017 ‎(2)
SDMM Rev Set_072217.pdf7/21/17 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_0722171122 KB 7/21/2017
SDMM Rev Set_012017.pdf1/20/17 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_012017992 KB 1/20/2017
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2016 ‎(2)
SDMM Rev Set_071516.pdf7/15/16 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_07151620450 KB 7/15/2016
SDMM Rev Set_011516.pdf1/15/16 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_011516920 KB 1/15/2016
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2015 ‎(2)
SDMM Rev Set_071715.pdf7/17/15 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_071715956 KB 7/17/2015
SDMM Rev Set_011615.pdf1/16/15 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_0116153203 KB 1/16/2015
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2014 ‎(1)
SDMM Rev Set_071814.pdf7/18/14 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_07181416814 KB 7/18/2014
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2013 ‎(1)
SDMM Rev Set_011813.pdf1/18/13 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_0118131317 KB 1/18/2013
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2012 ‎(4)
SDMM Rev Set_101912.pdf10/19/12 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_1019124377 KB 10/19/2012
SDMM Rev Set_072012.pdf7/20/12 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_0720121410 KB 7/20/2012
SDMM Rev Set_042012.pdf4/20/12 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_04201220690 KB 4/20/2012
SDMM Rev Set_012012.pdf1/20/12 SDMM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_01201211044 KB 1/20/2012
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2011 ‎(4)
SDMM Rev Set_102111.pdf10/21/11 SDM Revision SetSDMM Rev Set_1021111854 KB 10/21/2011
SDM Rev Set_071511.pdf7/15/11 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_071511217 KB 7/15/2011
SDM Rev Set_012111_.PDF1/21/11 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_012111_489 KB 1/21/2011
SDM Rev Set_012111.pdf1/21/11 SDM Revision Set (corrected Rev. Log pg2)SDM Rev Set_012111288 KB 1/27/2011
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2010 ‎(2)
SDM Rev Set_101510.pdf10/15/10 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_101510168 KB 10/15/2010
SDM Rev Set_011510.pdf1/15/10 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0115101520 KB 1/15/2010
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2009 ‎(2)
SDM Rev Set_071709.pdf7/17/09 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0717092439 KB 7/20/2009
SDM Rev Set_041709.pdf4/17/09 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_041709165 KB 4/17/2009
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2008 ‎(2)
SDM Rev Set_101708.pdf10/17/08 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_1017085318 KB 10/17/2008
SDM Rev Set_011808.pdf1/18/08 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0118082633 KB 1/18/2008
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2007 ‎(4)
SDM Rev Set_101907.pdf10/19/07 SDM Revision Set SDM Rev Set_1019071329 KB 10/18/2007
SDM Rev Set_072007.pdf7/20/07 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0720073966 KB 7/20/2007
SDM Rev Set_042007.pdf4/20/07 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0420074317 KB 4/20/2007
SDM Rev Set_011907.pdf1/19/07 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_011907148 KB 1/19/2007
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2006 ‎(4)
SDM Rev Set_102006.pdf10/20/06 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_1020067884 KB 10/20/2006
SDM Rev Set_072106.pdf7/21/06 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0721063149 KB 7/21/2006
SDM Rev Set_042106.pdf4/21/06 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0421062261 KB 4/21/2006
SDM Rev Set_012006.pdf1/20/06 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_01200612116 KB 1/20/2006
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2005 ‎(2)
SDM Rev Set_041505.pdf4/15/05 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0415051074 KB 4/15/2005
SDM Rev Set_012105.pdf1/21/05 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0121051730 KB 1/21/2005
collapse Year Revision Posted : 2004 ‎(2)
SDM Rev Set_072004.pdf7/20/04 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_072004642 KB 7/20/2004
SDM Rev Set_041904.pdf4/19/04 SDM Revision SetSDM Rev Set_0419048757 KB 4/19/2004