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The Covington and Cincinnati Bridge, in 1984 renamed after designer John A. Roebling, and all the while called by locals simply "The Suspension Bridge" has been a symbol of the city since its opening in 1866.

To the right is an image of the Suspension Bridge construction in 1865.

I-471 Daniel Carter Beard Bridge in Cincinnati, OH.

The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, or "Big Mac" bridge, was built in 1977 for $14 million as the river crossing for I-471, the final link in Cincinnati's interstate highway system.

Roosevelt Bridge, Stewart, Florida.

Dames Point Bridge,Jacksonville, Florida.

The Dames Point Bridge is America's longest cable-stayed bridge is two miles long, and 175 feet above the main channel of the river. The central span of the bridge is 1300 feet between the two towers which are 471 feet above the waterline at the top. The tower verticals are 7.25 feet thick and 35 feet wide at road level and 15 feet wide at the pinnacle. Dames Point's foundations extend roughly 80 feet beneath the surface of the St. John's River. The dredged channel underneath the bridge is 38 feet deep at high tide. Dames Point Bridge carries six lanes of traffic on a deck 106 feet wide. 

The concrete and steel deck is suspended by 168 steel cables which extend from the towers and connect to the edge girder of the span at 35 foot intervals. The cables consist of steel cable sheathed within steel pipe. The longest cable is 720 feet long, the shortest 65. Twenty-one miles of steel cables are used overall. Over 94,000 cubic yards of concrete were used. 

For more facts about this bridge check out Mike Strong's site here.  An incredible picture of this bridge during a strong thunderstorm can be found here.

New River Gorge Bridge, Fayetteville, WV shown early morning fog.

Incidentally, bungee jumping is no longer allowed on the New River Gorge Bridge...just in case you had any ideas.

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