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Hocking/Athens 33

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Hocking/Athens 33-0.00 (PID 14040)
Nelsonville-Bypass Stream and Wetland Mitigation including the Happy Hollow PWMA

The Happy Hollow Pooled Wetland Mitigation Area (PWMA) area was created to mitigate impacts from the construction of the Nelsonville-Bypass.  The project impacted 4.69 acres of jurisdictional wetland and .213 acre of isolated wetlands.  The total impacts were 4.903 acres of wetland.  The OEPA listed the mitigation requirements for Happy Hollow PWMA as follows: creation of 7.5 acre wetland, preservation of an existing 20.89 acre wetland, and preservation of adjacent 59 acres of upland buffer.  It is estimated that 32,975 linear feet of stream will be impacted due to this project.  Mitigation for these impacts include stream preservation, acid mine drainage abatement, and restoration of riparian corridors.  Per the OEPA requirements, at a minimum, 65,818 linear feet needs to be preserved within Hocking River, Green River, Four Mile Creek, Monday Creek, Clear Creek, Shade River, and Leading Creek watersheds.  The AMD mitigation requirements include three off-site locations and one on-site (Happy Hollow PWMA).  The three off-site locations are along Monday Creek; Lost Run (mile 16.08), Rock Run (mile 23.40), and Big Four Hollow (mile 8.02).  Riparian Corridor restoration includes specific tree plantings on three separate e-parcels. 

Aerial photo of the HOC/ATH 33-0.00 Nelsonville wetland mitigation area.  Source: retrieved from Google, September 2010. 

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 Permit Compliance Reports


Year 5 PCR (two files)

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Year 4 (Permit Compliance Report)

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County: Hocking/Athens

404 Authorization Date/ID#: 8/22/2007 - 200301193

401 Authorization Date/ID#: 8/10/2007 - 062971

Isolated Wetland Authorization Date/SWIMS ID#: NA

Other Permit Dates/Permit Numbers: NA

Watershed: Hocking River (HUC 05030204)

Mitigated Resources: Stream and wetland

Service Area: Hocking River (05030204), Shade River and Leading Creek (05030202), Raccoon Creek, Symmes Creek and other Ohio River tribs. (05090101), Lower Scioto River (05060002), Upper Scioto River (05060001), Licking River (05040006), Muskingum River (05040004)

Pooled Mitigation Available: Yes

Types of Mitigation Available: Wetland

Owner: ODOT

Nelsonville wetland, March 2009.

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