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How to Conduct a Curve Speed Study Utilizing a Digital Ball Bank Indicator

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How to Perform a Curve Speed Study

Establishing the proper advisory speed for a curve is a critical step in ensuring the safety of your roadways. In this technology transfer toolbox, you are provided the resources for conducting a curve speed study. A curve speed study will establish the proper advisory speed that should be listed on the advisory speed plaque and posted with the advanced warning curve or turn sign.

Below are a series of videos which will take you through the process of performing a curve speed study using a digital ball bank indicator. Below the videos are the actual forms used in the videos. Please download or print the forms as a reference while you watch the videos. Provided under the completed forms from the videos are the Ohio Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) and the Ohio Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) charts referenced in the videos. Also provided with the charts are blank copies of the forms for use when performing your own curve speed studies.

The Ohio LTAP Center's equipment loan program has the digital Ball Bank Indicator (BBI) available for local Ohio roadway agencies. The BBI can be requested by clicking here. If you have accessed this webpage from a state outside of Ohio and would like technical assistance on how to perform a curve study within your state or US territory, please locate your local LTAP center on the national LTAP website available at: .

If you have any questions concerning this technology transfer toolbox, the equipment loan program or questions about performing your own curve speed study, please contact Raymond Brushart, Ohio LTAP Center Safety Circuit Rider, at 614-387-0523 or via email at .

 Videos - How to Perform a Curve Speed Study