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Ohio Roadway Functional Class

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Ohio Roadway Functional Class...

Functional Class is the grouping of roads, streets, highways in a hierarchy based on the type of highway service they provide. The Functional Class Inventory files available for download give a complete listing of all public streets, roads, and highways in Ohio classified above local. The lists are arranged alphabetically by county and can be accessed below.

For guidance about assigning functional classification to roadways and streets within Ohio, download the ODOT Highway Functional Classification System Concepts, Procedures and Instructions.

To access the Functional Class Maps, click the county name below.  Note: the functional class system is currently pending FHWA approval based on changes in Map-21 and information from the 2010 Census.

For more detailed information about Ohio Roadway Functional Class, visit the following Roadway Inventory pages on the Technical Services site:

expand MapList : Functional Class County Maps ‎(88)
expand MapList : Functional Class Urban Maps ‎(165)

Ohio National Highway System (NHS)...

The National Highway System (NHS) is part of the Federal Aid Highway System. The term “Federal-Aid Highway” means a public highway eligible for assistance under Title 23, United State Code (USC) other than a highway functionally classified as a local road or rural minor collector.

The NHS consists of the Eisenhower Interstate System and other roadways important to the nation’s economy, defense, and mobility, as defined in Title 23, USC § 103. In general, the NHS National Highway System (NHS) consists of highway routes and connections to transportation facilities that shall:
(1) serve major population centers, international border crossings, ports, airports, public transportation facilities, other intermodal transportation facilities and other major travel destinations;
(B) meet national defense requirements; and
(C) serve interstate and interregional travel and commerce.

The NHS for Ohio was developed by ODOT in cooperation with Ohio’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) Rural Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs), county engineers and other local officials. The current NHS System for Ohio was approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on August 11, 2017.

To access county NHS Maps, click on the county name below in the box labeled County NHS Maps.

Adams NHS Map.pdf
Allen NHS Map.pdf
Ashland County NHS.pdf
Ashtabula NHS Map.pdf
Athens NHS Map.pdf
Auglaize NHS Map.pdf
Belmont NHS Map.pdf
Brown NHS Map.pdf
Butler NHS Map.pdf
Carroll NHS Map.pdf
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