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Project Details
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Project Type
A Crest-Stage Gage Network to Fill Data Gaps in Ohio's Peak Flow Database July 2021-June 2025136403HydraulicsU.S.G.S. – United States Geological Survey
A Field Evaluation of the Perpetual Pavement Concept136129Materials, PavementsOhio University
Achieving Efficiencies within ODOT with the Event Streaming Platform136342AerialAECOM
Acoustic Effectiveness of Vinyl Fence Noise Walls136141Environmental, EnvironmentalBurton Planning Services, LLC
Analysis of Mitigating Concrete Cracks with Bacteria136179MaintenanceThe Ohio State University
Analysis of Ohio's Fine and Coarse Aggregate Reserve Balances136139MaterialsUniversity of Akron
Annulus Void Fill Material for Rehabilitated Sliplined Culverts 135965HydraulicsUniversity of Akron
Annulus Void Fill Material for Rehabilitated Sliplined Culverts 135965HydraulicsUniversity of Akron
Assess the Effectiveness of Type 2 and Type 3 Safety Vest for Day and Night Use135973SafetyUniversity of Cincinnati
Automated QC/QA System Implementation135511MaterialsSogeti USA LLC
Benefit Analysis of Barrier Inlet Screens136338MaintenanceMS Consultants
Crack Resistance and Durability of Ohio DOT Asphalt Mixtures Using I-FIT and IDEAL-CT, Phase 2135999MaterialsUniversity of Akron
Develop Cost Effective Alternatives for Mitigating Debris and Environmental Impacts Around Bridge Piers135970Environmental, Hydraulics, MaintenanceThe Ohio State University
Development of an IOO-Industry Forum for AV Technology Knowledge Transfer - Ohio Led Pooled Fund (TPF-5(453)) SOL 1514136131-BPAVE
District Highway Maintenance Research On-Call (ROC)136522MaintenanceUniversity of Cincinnati
Division of Construction Research On-Call Services 2020-2023 Task 1: Detection of Segregation in Asphalt Concrete Pavement136126ConstructionThe Ohio State University
Division of Engineering Researcher on Call (ROC) 136124Geotechnical, Hydraulics, Pavements, Roadway, StructuresE.L. Robinson Engineering of Ohio
Division of Operations Researcher on Call (ROC) 136127Maintenance, Materials, TrafficKittelson & Associates
Division of Planning Researcher on Call (ROC) 136125Environmental, PlanningOhio University
Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake: Ohio Population Survey and Survey Technique Development 135770Environmental, Planning, Policy DevelopmentThe Ohio State University
Ecological Design Rules for Roadway Lighting 135772Environmental, RoadwayThe Ohio State University
Effective and Safe Berm Compaction for Shoulder Maintenance134838MaintenanceCase Western Reserve University
Efficient and Safe Removal & Debris Disposal of Ash Trees Killed by Emerald Ash Borer 136132EnvironmentalDavey Resource Group
Enhancing Current Snow & Ice Training Practices by Incorporating the Use of a Customized Snow and Ice Simulator136514MaintenanceCleveland State University
Establishing Minimum Specification Parameters for Cold Mix Used in Winter Pothole Patching136340MaintenanceUniversity of Cincinnati
Evaluate Opportunities to Provide Training Simulation for ODOT Snow and Ice Drivers135776Maintenance, SafetyUniversity of Cincinnati
Evaluate Replacement of Current Post-Construction Groundcover with Pollinator Beneficial Groundcover135779MaintenanceDavey Resource Group
Evaluation of Driveway Assistance Devices (DADs) in Signalized Work Zones 136526MaintenanceOhio University
Evaluation of ODOT's Culvert Boring Process134840Hydraulics, MaintenanceBowling Green State University
Geoarchaeological Survey Methods for Enhanced Decision-Making in ODOT's Project Development Process (PDP)136133EnvironmentalGray & Pape, Inc.
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