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collapse Grantee : Adams County Board of Commissioners ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0001-005-011 ‎(2)
2011 Adams 1st qtr CRD Invoice4/14/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Adams 2nd qtr CRD MM Invoice7/14/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Allen County Regional Transit Authority ‎(9)
collapse Project Number : NF-4002-031-092 ‎(9)
2011 ACRTA Jan NF Op Invoice 2-18-112/18/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 ACRTA Feb NF Op Invoice3/23/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
Attachments to 2011 ACRTA Feb NF Op Invoice3/15/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
Attachments to 2011 ACRTA Mar NF Invoice4/20/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 ACRTA Mar NF Invoice5/2/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 ACRTA Apr NF Op Invoice5/27/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 ACRTA May NF Op Invoice6/17/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 ACRTA June NF Op Invoice7/19/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 ACRTA July NF Op Invoice8/18/20117/1/20117/31/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Belco Works Inc ‎(4)
collapse Project Number : NF-4002-038-111 ‎(4)
2011 Belco May NF Op Invoice6/16/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 Belco June NF Op Invoice7/14/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 Belco July NF Op Invoice8/10/20117/1/20117/31/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Community Action Agency of Columbiana County ‎(4)
collapse Project Number : JARC-0015-071-092 ‎(1)
2010 CAA Columbiana December JARC MM Invoice7/12/201112/1/201012/31/2010Yes
collapse Project Number : JARC-0015-079-103 ‎(3)
2011 CAA Columbiana Jan JARC MM Invoice4/18/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 CAA Columbiana Feb JARC MM Invoice4/18/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 CAA Columbiana Mar JARC MM Invoice4/18/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Community Action Commission of Fayette County ‎(6)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0024-005-011 ‎(6)
2011 CAC Fayette Jan CRD Invoice2/18/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 CAC Fayette Feb CRD Invoice 3-10-113/17/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 CAC Fayette Mar CRD MM Invoice4/15/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 CAC Fayette Apr CRD MM Invoice5/11/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 CAC Fayette May CRD MM Invoice6/14/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 CAC Fayette June CRD MM Invoice7/29/20116/1/20116/30/2011No
collapse Grantee : Community Action Committee of Pike County ‎(9)
collapse Project Number : JARC-0066-043-092 ‎(2)
2010 CAC Pike Dec JARC MM Invoice 2-22-11 revised2/22/201112/1/201012/31/2010No
2010 CAC Pike Dec JARC MM Invoice Supplementary6/23/201112/1/201112/31/2011Yes
collapse Project Number : JARC-0066-043-102 ‎(7)
2011 CAC Pike Jan JARC MM Invoice6/23/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 CAC Pike Feb JARC MM Invoice6/23/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 CAC Pike Mar JARC MM Invoice6/23/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 CAC Pike Apr JARC MM Invoice6/23/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 CAC Pike May JARC MM Invoice6/23/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 CAC Pike June JARC MM Invoice8/4/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 CAC Pike July JARC MM Invoice8/4/20117/1/20117/31/2011No
collapse Grantee : Community Action Partnership of Greater Dayton ‎(7)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0068-005-011 ‎(7)
2011 CAP Preble Jan CRD Invoice3/17/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 CAPGDA Preble Feb CRD Inv 3-9-113/9/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 CAPGDA Preble Mar CRD Invoice4/11/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 CAP Preble Apr CRD MM Invoice5/27/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 CAP Preble May CRD MM Invoice6/8/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 CAP Preble June CRD MM Invoice7/26/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 CAP Preble July CRD MM Invoice8/12/20117/1/20117/31/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Coshocton County Commissioners ‎(4)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0016-005-011 ‎(2)
2011 Coshocton 1st qtr CRD Invoice4/14/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Coshocton 2nd qtr CRD MM Invoice7/28/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Project Number : NF-4016-031-092 ‎(2)
2011 Coshocton 1st qtr NF Invoice5/10/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Coshocton 2nd qtr NF Op Invoice7/18/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Country Neighbor Program Inc. ‎(7)
collapse Project Number : NF-0004-031-091 ‎(7)
2011 Country Neighbor NF Capital Invoice 15/5/2011Yes
2011 Country Neighbor Feb NF MM Invoice 3-9-113/9/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 Country Neighbor Mar NF MM Invoice 4-4-114/7/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Country Neighbor Apr NF MM Invoice5/10/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 Country Neighbor May NF MM Invoice6/6/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 Country Neighbor June NF MM Invoice7/27/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 Country Neighbor July NF MM Invoice8/9/20117/1/20117/31/2011No
collapse Grantee : Darke County Job and Family Services ‎(6)
collapse Project Number : NF-4019-038-111 ‎(6)
2011 Darke Feb NF Op Invoice3/21/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 Darke Mar NF Invoice4/18/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Darke Apr NF Op Invoice5/27/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 Darke May NF Op Invoice6/27/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 Darke June NF Op Invoice7/18/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 Darke July NF Op Invoice8/18/20117/1/20117/31/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Delaware County Transit Board ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : NF-0021-031-091 ‎(2)
2011 Delaware 1st qtr NF MM Invoice4/18/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Delaware 2nd qtr NF MM Invoice8/12/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : FRS Counseling ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : NF-4036-031-092 ‎(2)
2011 FRS 1st qtr NF Op Invoice4/14/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 FRS 2nd qtr NF Op Invoice7/22/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : FRS Counseling, Inc. ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0036-005-011 ‎(2)
2011 FRS 1st qtr CRD Invoice4/15/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 FRS 2nd qtr CRD MM Invoice7/20/20114/1/20116/30/2011No
collapse Grantee : Hardin County Commissioners ‎(8)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0033-005-011 ‎(8)
2011 Hardin Jan CRD Invoice 3-9-113/9/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 Hardin Feb CRD Invoice 3-9-113/9/20112/1/20112/28/2011No
2011 Hardin Feb CRD Invoice revised3/11/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 Hardin Mar CRD Invoice4/14/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Hardin Apr CRD MM Invoice5/13/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 Hardin May CRD MM Invoice6/15/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 Hardin June CRD MM Invoice7/14/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 Hardin July CRD MM Invoice8/11/20117/1/20117/31/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Henry County Commissioners ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0035-005-011 ‎(2)
2011 Henry 1st qtr CRD Invoice4/18/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Henry 2nd qtr CRD MM Invoice8/1/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Hocking, Athens Perry Community Action ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0005-005-011 ‎(2)
2011 Hocking Athens Perry 1st qtr CRD Invoice4/12/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 HAP 2nd qtr CRD MM Invoice7/25/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Horizons of Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties ‎(6)
collapse Project Number : NF-4079-038-111 ‎(6)
2011 Horizons Jan NF Invoice 3-12-113/12/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 Horizons Feb NF Op Invoice3/23/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 Horizons Mar NF Invoice4/22/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Horizons Apr NF Op Invoice6/1/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 Horizons May NF Op Invoice6/28/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 Horizons June NF Op Invoice8/17/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Jackson-Vinton Community Action, Inc. ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0040-005-011 ‎(2)
2011 JVCAI 1st qtr CRD Invoice7/15/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 JVCAI 2nd qtr CRD MM Invoice7/15/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Mercer County Commissioners ‎(2)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0054-005-011 ‎(2)
2011 Mercer 1st qtr CRD Invoice4/27/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Mercer 2nd qtr CRD MM Invoice7/14/20114/1/20116/30/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Morrow County Commissioners ‎(6)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0059-005-011 ‎(6)
2011 Morrow Feb CRD Invoice 3-2-113/2/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 Morrow Mar CRD Invoice4/15/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Morrow Apr CRD MM Invoice5/13/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
2011 Morrow May CRD MM Invoice6/3/20115/1/20115/31/2011Yes
2011 Morrow June CRD MM Invoice6/27/20116/1/20116/30/2011Yes
2011 Morrow July CRD MM Invoice8/1/20117/1/20117/31/2011Yes
collapse Grantee : Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority ‎(3)
collapse Project Number : CRD-0067-002-091 ‎(3)
2011 PARTA 1st qtr CRD invoice4/21/20111/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 PARTA Apr-May CRD MM Invoice6/2/20114/1/20115/31/2011No
2011 PARTA June CRD MM Invoice7/13/20116/1/20116/30/2011No
collapse Grantee : Preble County Council on Aging ‎(8)
collapse Project Number : NF-4068-038-111 ‎(8)
2011 Preble COA Jan NF Op Invoice 2-22-112/22/20111/1/20111/31/2011Yes
2011 Preble COA Feb NF Op Invoice3/15/20112/1/20112/28/2011Yes
2011 Preble Mar NF Invoice4/18/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Preble COA March NF Op Invoice8/4/20113/1/20113/31/2011Yes
2011 Preble COA Apr NF Op Invoice5/18/20114/1/20114/30/2011Yes
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