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Amanda Foley

 Amanda Foley

Amanda Foley graduated from The Ohio State University with a master's degree in Anthropology/Archaeology and from The College at Brockport, State University of New York with an undergraduate degree in History and Anthropology/Archaeology. She began her internship at ODOT in December 2014. This is her story:

What skills have you gained from working at ODOT?
My internship at ODOT introduced me to all the environmental requirements that are needed before public projects can move forward. I enhanced my archaeological fieldwork skills, specifically for the public sector as opposed to academic fieldwork, learned how to perform History/Architecture fieldwork, write reports and letters, hone my curation skills, and coordinate with resource agencies.

What is the most surprising thing you've learned about ODOT?
ODOT has experts across all environmental disciplines, and they are needed in order to move transportation projects forward while protecting and enhancing the environment. Since the Office of Environmental Services has so many experts, interns gain valuable experience in the field and in the office.

How have your educational experiences helped you here at ODOT?
I studied history and anthropology/archaeology for my undergraduate degree, and anthropology/archaeology for my master's, so my academic experiences fit right in with being a Cultural Resources Intern. I had fieldwork, curation, research, and writing experience, prior to starting my internship so I was able to jump right in and alter my previous knowledge to fit ODOT processes.

How have your experiences here at ODOT helped with your education?
ODOT helped with time management during graduate school since you have to balance multiple projects here, and then balance school work versus internship time. Plus, doing more archaeological fieldwork here gave me more experience for academic fieldwork.

   Bruce Aument
Amanda Foley, right, and Pattarin Jarupan doing fieldwork

What are your graduation goals?
I am now a full time Environmental Specialist in the Office of Environmental Services, and I started just a few months after graduation! Interning at ODOT provided the opportunity for me to become full time here since it allowed for the professional development needed to succeed as an Environmental Specialist.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to exercise and spend time with friends and family, while also having the occasional lazy weekend.

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