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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Standard Construction Drawings

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The Standard Construction Drawings on this page do not reflect current ODOT specifications. For current drawings, please visit:
Standard Construction Drawings - Structural

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RW001.pdfRW001RW-1-631 of 2Retaining WallsOrig.12/20/1963
RW002.pdfRW002RW-1-632 of 2Retaining WallsOrig.12/20/1963
RW003.TIFRW003RW-331 of 1Reinforcing Concrete Retaining WallsRev.10/14/1933
RW004.TIFRW004RW-331 of 1Reinforcing Concrete Retaining WallsRev.3/8/1939
RW005.TIFRW005RW-451 of 1Retaining WallsRev.11/20/1945
RW006.TIFRW006RW-451 of 1Retaining WallsRev.9/18/1947
RW007.pdfRW007MSEWR-1-181-8 of 8MSE Wall RepairOrig.1/19/2018