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PotholeHamiltonInterstate 753/31/2009 8:15 AM
Was driving in the leftmost (inside) lane on northbound I-75, and struck a large, DEEP pothole with my right front tire.  The tire was detroyed as a direct result of this pothole-strike, and is currently being replaced. Approximate cost: $70.00
DebrisCuyahogaI 480 east 3/30/2009 7:00 AM
I travel 1 480 every day from Cleveland to Beachwood via the chagrin blvd exit. I have now had 3 flat tires in the span of 2 months.  The latest incident occurred on 3 30 09. My drivers side rear tire got a nail through the side wall. This caused me to purchase a new tire which cost was 95.00.