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 Improve the northbound curve on I-75 at SR 4 - "Malfunction Junction." Reduce the northbound sharp 90 degree angle to a softer curve. New interstate lanes are relocated and widened over the river. Increase the overall capacity of the interstate with an additional lane in each direction. The existing I-75 northbound lanes crossing the river are reconstructed and utilized as ramps. Widen Main St. and improve SR 48 (Main St.) entrance and exit ramps. Provide access to SR 48 (Main St.) from southbound SR 4. Combine the Grand Ave. ramps with the improved Main St. ramps.

Stanley Avenue Project: Remove circle ramps, remove ramps at Neva Dr. and Leo St., signalize Stanley Ave., construct standard ramp at Stanley to northbound I-75.

 Construction Information

Upcoming Milestone Dates

The Project is 93% Complete

Estimated Completion Date: September 2011

Arrow boards and signs will be in place prior to the work zone to alert motorists of the upcoming lane closures. Law enforcement will be on site to monitor traffic flow.

 Project Detour Maps

 Project Logistics

Start Date: October 19, 2007
Estimated Completion Date: October 2011

I-75 and SR 4 Downtown Dayton Phase 1A

  • Estimated Construction Cost: $122 million
  • Estimated Overall Cost: $157 million

Stanley Avenue

  • Estimated Construction Cost: $14 million
  • Estimated Overall Cost: $17 million

Project Location

  • i-75 / SR 4 interchange and stanley ave.

 Project Benefits:

  •  Right - hand exits and entrances
  • increased spacing between ramps
  • consolidated local access to ramps
  • better traffic flow
  • fewer incidents and related congestion

 Project Updates

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 Buckeye Traffic

  Visit ODOT's Buckeye Traffic, which provides up to date construction information and reports of other major evnts that slow or detour traffic on Ohio's highways.
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 Contact Information

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