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D11 ODOT Customer Satisfaction Survey

County in which the work was completed:


First of all, were you indeed notified that ODOT crews would be working in your neighborhood?


Was the notification clear as to who would be performing the work?


Was it made clear where the work would be performed?


Was it clear when the work that was being done?


Was it clear how long you might be  inconvenienced by the work that was being done?


Did we explain why we needed to perform this work?


So, how did we do?

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
ODOT crews limited road closures or access restrictions to the areas outlined in the notification. 
ODOT crews complete the job within the timelines stated in the notification. 
ODOT crews demonstrated professional knowledge and expertise performing this job. 
ODOT crews got the job done right the first time, they did what you said they were going to do? 

What is important to you?

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
Closures or access restrictions should be limited to only areas that are absolutely necessary. 
Work should be completed in the shortest time frame possible. 
Work should be completed in a knowledgeable and professional manner. 
Work should be done right the first time. 

Now the bottom line.

  Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree
How satisfied were you with ODOT's performance on this project? 

Additional Comments

If you would like to be contacted in regards to this survey please provide a phone number that you can be reached at:

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