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Sutdy Preliminary Design
Columbus Crossroads Study Information

Columbus Crossroads
I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Corridor Study
Design Enhancements

The department has also been working with urban designers and community leaders to identify design enhancements that can be added to the highway project. The designs include a vision for improved streetscapes, freeway caps and other features that improve the look of the freeway and create better connections to downtown neighborhoods.


 Engineering and Design Alternatives

Click below to access more information on the design ideas being considered to improve the street crossings over Interstates 70 and 71.

Each crossing can be widened to create additional green space, add architectural, public art or landscape elements, and/or accommodate future development similar to I-670 and High Street in downtown Columbus. The drawings depicted are merely ideas and can be modified based on public input.

These crossings can also be built to accommodate future development over the freeway. The following is an example of the potential, but these structures could be built at any crossing.

 Traffic Diagrams for Proposed Alternatives

South Leg

One Way Mound/Fulton Collector/Distributor Alternative.gif

One Way Fulton Livingston Collector/Distributor Alternative

 East Leg

One Way Parsons Lester Collector/Distributor Alternative