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Columbus Crossroads Study Information

Columbus Crossroads

I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Corridor Study


The I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Study is a CORRIDOR STUDY

A CORRIDOR STUDY takes an identified problem and develops a plan to provide for the eventual detailed design of a transportation solution.

A Corridor Study WILL Provide:

  • Clarification of the Problems, Goals and Needs
    Definition of the transportation problem is important as it serves as the base for determining a workable solution. Issues and goals heard from all affected groups in the study area is important and results in a better understanding of the community’s vision for the future.

  • Transportation Technical and System Analysis/Studies
    Existing and future condition data such as traffic volumes, crash data, roadway geometrics and environmental issues are collected and analyzed to gain a thorough comprehension of the cause of the transportation problem and conditions which may affect a solution.

  • Conceptual Alternative Solutions
    This step involves “brainstorming” solutions that could potentially solve the identified transportation problem. The alternatives will then be evaluated or “screened” based on factors such as cost, safety, operation, environmental issues, and impacts on adjacent structures to determine a preferred, workable, reasonable solution.

  • Strategic Plan A 
    Strategic Plan is developed for the recommended alternative which provides the proper technical and environmental documentation necessary to proceed with a Detailed Design of the transportation solution.

**Consensus and public input during all phases of the I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Study** 

The I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Study is the pre-cursor to a Detailed Design of the preferred transportation solution.

A CORRIDOR STUDY provides documentation that all possible alternatives for a workable solution have been reviewed and analyzed with public input.

A Corridor Study WILL NOT Provide:

  • A Detailed Design
    A Corridor Study reviews alternatives for transportation improvements which are conceptual in nature and provides the technical and environmental documentation necessary to proceed with a Detailed Design of the recommended plan.

  • Exact Impacts to Specific Properties 
    As the plan recommended as the final product of a Corridor Study is conceptual in nature, it is difficult to know exactly what the project impacts are to specific properties. 

    Impacts to specific properties will become more clearly evident during Detailed Design, the next step in transportation planning. 

    However, general areas of potential impacts by the recommended plan will become known during the Corridor Study and public input is important to ensure road improvements are responsive to and meet the needs of the community.