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Columbus Crossroads Study Information

Columbus Crossroads

I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Corridor Study Project Overview 

 I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Study Vision Statement

The I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt Study team is committed to identifying and recommending a high-quality plan which will improve the operation and safety of the downtown freeway corridor and help create a more responsible and workable transportation system in metropolitan Columbus. We will be sensitive to social, economic and environmental impacts as well as access to local neighborhoods and business districts.


The I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt corridor in downtown Columbus – commonly called "the downtown split" – is one of the busiest and most vital sections of highway in the region. It serves approximately 150,000 vehicles and 17,000 trucks per day. Built in the 1960’s, it has served the community well. But, with the increase in traffic over the years, it has become hazardous. Although it makes up only 6 percent of the freeway system, it is the site of 27 percent of all I-70/I-71 freeway accidents in Franklin County.

 ODOT Study

Throughout the study, the Ohio Department of Transportation worked with interested individuals, organizations and communities along the corridor to seek solutions to the problems of congestion, traffic delays and safety hazards. ODOT remains committed to:

  • Working closely with the public to confirm and clarify the problem and learn of any issues, community goals and needs that may be impacted by future improvements.
  • Collecting and analyzing information, such as traffic and accident data and social and economic impacts, to quantify the existing conditions along the corridor.
  • Using the ODOT data and public input to identify possible alternatives or solutions to the corridor needs.
  • Evaluating all potential alternatives or solutions based on their effectiveness and need.
  • Recommending the best strategy for improving the corridor.

 Traffic Counts

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 Additional Project Overview Information