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January 2012 Meeting
Information on Public Meetings from the I-70/I-71 project.

Columbus Crossroads
I-70/I-71 South Innerbelt -
January 19, 2012 Meeting

 Information from the meeting is below.
18th Street.pdf18th Street750 KB
Broad Street.pdfBroad Street378 KB
Grant Avenue.pdfGrant Avenue271 KB
Lester and Elijah Pierce.pdfLester and Elijah Pierce348 KB
Main Street.pdfMain Street276 KB
Mound Fulton update.pdfMound Fulton update399 KB
Oak Street.pdfOak Street291 KB
Parsons Avenue update.pdfParsons Avenue update494 KB
Parsons Avenue.pdfParsons Avenue366 KB
Phases 2 and 3.pdfPhases 2 and 3357 KB
Town Street.pdfTown Street330 KB