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First Public Look at Historic Art Wall Proposed for Long Street Bridge

After months of collaboration, ODOT and the two Ohio artists selected by the community to design a 240 foot cultural wall of historic and iconic images for the Long Street Bridge, presented their artwork to the Columbus Arts Commission (CAC) on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013. This display of public art on a city street required design review before the individual panels that showcase black and white images from the area are manufacturedand, and it was approved by the CAC. This cultural wall will be the first of its kind for the State of Ohio and ODOT.
To learn more about the artists, their work, this bridge project and how the wall will be designed click here for the application to the Columbus Arts Commission. Or view the concepts below.

Artist Concepts Unveiled
On June 21, ODOT unveiled artist concepts for the Long Street Cultural Wall at the King Arts Center in Columbus.

Listen to what the artists themselves envision and see if you can close your eyes and “see” the Cultural Wall through their eyes.


Meeting purpose
Seek comments on the recommended Cultural Wall Artist Concepts that will be shared with the Advisory Group and ODOT for their consideration.
Artist Unveiling of Cultural Wall Concepts_Public Meeting Presentation.pdfArtist Unveiling of Cultural Wall Concepts_Public Meeting Presentation546 KB
Larry Winston Collins - Composite Image.jpgLarry Winston Collins - Composite Image424 KB
Kojo Kamau - Composite Image.jpgKojo Kamau - Composite Image448 KB
Joint concept by Larry Winston Collins and Kojo Kmau - Composite Image.jpgJoint concept by Larry Winston Collins and Kojo Kmau - Composite Image419 KB
Long St Cultural Wall Comment Form.pdfLong St Cultural Wall Comment Form841 KB

 August 9, 2011 Public Meeting Archive

Meeting Purpose
  • Share the latest I-71/670 project information
  • Announce initial traffic impacts and alternate routes
  • Seek input on aesthetic treatment options for retaining walls and piers that hold up new flyover bridges
  • Seek input on aesthetic treatment of the Cleveland Avenue Bridge
collapse Material : a - Presentations ‎(2)
110809_Public Meeting_Final for Web_with_script.pdfAug 9 Public Meeting Presentation -  Notes View
3170 KB
110809_Public Meeting_Final for Web_full_slides.pdfAug 9 Public Meeting Presentation - Full Slides View
2933 KB
collapse Material : b - Handouts ‎(4)
71_670_MasterMapHandout.pdfOpen/Closed Ramps and Exits Map
172 KB
71670_Be_Ready_Closures_Chart.pdfOpen/Closed Ramps and Exits Listing
149 KB
I71-I670 Interchange Improvements - North view 8-2011 web version.jpgRendering of Interchange Improvements - North View
314 KB
71670_Aug 9 Public Meeting Questionnaire.pdfAug 9 Public Meeting Questionnaire
1025 KB

Spring Street Bridge Concept
Spring Street Bridge Concept

Long Street Bridge Concept
Long Street Bridge Concept

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