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Cleveland Urban Core Projects - Lakefront West
In 2002 the City of Cleveland initiated a comprehensive update of the City’s Master Plan in an effort to create a more accessible lakefront.

This spring, crews worked to pour concrete for a new retaining wall that will support the multi-use path.


The Lakefront West Project is working to connect Cleveland's west side neighborhoods with the lakefront by creating multi-modal connections along the West Shoreway between West Boulevard and the Main Avenue Bridge. The Lakefront West Project will increase access to Lake Erie, improve green space, biking and pedestrian facilities, increase development potential and simplify connections along the now limited-access freeway. This two-mile freeway will be transformed into a scenic boulevard. The project will preserve three lanes of traffic in each direction  the same number you see today. Reduction of the speed limit from 50 mph to 35 mph is expected to add just over a minute of total travel time along the boulevard. In 2008 ODOT and the City of Cleveland eliminated proposed plans to inclu​de signalized intersections along the corridor, further reducing travel times yet maintaining a scenic, boulevard feel.

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Would you like to see the update about construction work on the West Shoreway from the October 6 meeting? Check it out here.

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 Cleveland's West Shoreway will be transformed into a 35 mile-per-hour, landscaped boulevard. In addition, the Lakefront West Project will create connections to Lake Erie, improve safety and create biking and walking paths among other improvements. 

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