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MS4 Storm Water Outfall Inventory Manual
ODOT Storm Water Management Program

Storm Water Management Program
MS4 Storm Water Outfall Inventory

This inventory involves identifying and mapping storm water “outfalls” – every point where a conveyance of ODOT’s storm water system discharges into streams, lakes, and wetlands. More than 6,800 outfalls have been identified for over 1,900 miles of roadways and more than 90 ODOT facilities (rest areas, garages, offices) in the MS4 regulated (urbanized) areas.

ODOT’s MS4 Storm Water Outfall Inventory Manual describes the process for conducting the inventory and contains relevant mapping. Specific attributes (receiving stream, pipe shape, etc.) were collected for each outfall. It was noted whether flow is present in dry weather, which may point to a pollution source upstream.

ENTIRE Outfall Inventory Manual and AppendicesENTIREOutfallInventoryManual+Appendices080405ENTIREOutfallInventoryManual+Appendices080405.pdf18151 KB
Outfall Inventory Manual (no appendices)OutfallInventoryManual080405OutfallInventoryManual080405.pdf1770 KB
Appendices except BAppendicesexceptBAppendicesexceptB.pdf2448 KB
Appendix B - Outfall ExamplesAppendixB-OutfallExamplesAppendixB-OutfallExamples.pdf3230 KB
Appendix B - Non-OutfallsAppendixB-Non-OutfallsAppendixB-Non-Outfalls.pdf7580 KB
Appendix B - Outfall Inventory ChallengesAppendixB-OutfallInventoryChallengesAppendixB-OutfallInventoryChallenges.pdf3296 KB


Becky Humphreys, P.E.
Storm Water Program Manager
(614) 387-1125
Jon Prier, P.E.
Environmental Hydraulic Engineer
David Riley, P.E.
Environmental Hydraulic Engineer


Visit ODOT MS4 Regulation Area Maps and Information to view the following files:

  • Outfall Location Mapping
  • MS4 Regulated Are Statewide Map Data Sets
  • ODOT MS4 Regulated Area Mapping
  • Estimated Mileage and Facilities in the ODOT MS4 Regulated Area