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ODOT Storm Water Management Program

Storm Water Management Program

 Storm water runoff is...

any water that is not soaked into the ground after a rain storm.

Consequently, storm water runoff can pick up pollutants while flowing into local streams and rivers. The Storm Water Management Program (SWMP), launched in 2003, is ODOT's inter-agency effort to control pollutants in storm water discharge. By unifying a cross section of ODOT programs, such as training, planning, maintenance, construction and facilities management with a common focus on water quality issues, ODOT complies with the Clean Water Act requirements administered by the Ohio EPA while reducing pollutants from Ohio's storm sewer system.

ODOT created the SWMP in response to being regulated as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The MS4 designation invokes federal legislation that mandates all municipalities reduce the quantity of pollutants from stormwater runoff.  

 Report Illicit Discharge

Report illegal dumping to Ohio EPA's Emergency Response Hotline at: 


Illicit discharges may be a cause of water pollution. ODOT is committed to identify and eliminate them through the SWMP. These discharges can be a public health concern, cause unpleasant odors, and harm aquatic life.


Becky Humphreys, P.E.
Storm Water Program Manager
(614) 387-1125

Jon Prier, P.E.
Environmental Hydraulic Engineer
David Riley, P.E.
Environmental Hydraulic Engineer
District MS4 Liaisons.pdf

 SWMP Programs

​ODOT administers the SWMP through the following activities and projects: