402.01  Description

402.02  Calibration

402.03  Polymer Binders

402.04  Water Injection System for Warm Mix Asphalt


402.01  Description. This specification consists of the minimum requirements for an asphalt concrete mixing plant to produce asphalt concrete mixes according to Department specifications.

Ensure asphalt concrete mixing plants conform to the requirements of Supplement 1101 in addition to the following.

402.02  Calibration. Ensure the plant is calibrated according to Supplement 1101 when producing any asphalt concrete for the Department. Ensure that the calibration is accurate within 1.0 percent. When performing a complete calibration for ODOT projects notify the ODOT district 24 hours in advance of the calibration.

402.03  Polymer Binders. If an asphalt binder is modified by SBR at an asphalt concrete mixing plant, equip the plant with an automated SBR flow control and monitoring system. Obtain the Department’s approval of the system before operating and demonstrate the system calibration to the District. If the District waives the demonstration, provide a letter documenting calibration data for the flow system to the DET for each project. Obtain written approval from the Laboratory for the use of SBR and ensure the QCP contains methods for properly controlling SBR.

For drum mix plants, introduce the SBR directly into the asphalt binder line through means of an in-line motionless blender or other device approved by the Laboratory which is able to provide a homogeneous blend. Locate a sampling valve between the in-line blender and the plant drum.

For batch plants, add the SBR after the aggregate has been completely coated with asphalt binder. Continue mixing for a minimum of 20 seconds after SBR is added and long enough to provide a uniform mixture.

Ensure the SBR pumping and metering system is capable of adding the SBR within the limits of 702.01. For drum plants ensure the SBR pump is automatically controlled by an independent computer and interfaced with the asphalt binder flow to automatically maintain the SBR flow within specification limits. Produce asphalt mixtures for placement in automatic SBR control mode only.

Ensure the SBR meter is accurate to ± 2.0 percent over a flow range typical of that used at the asphalt plant (typically 0.8 to 12 gpm at drum plants and 10 to 25 gpm at batch plants). Ensure the SBR meter is a magnetic flow meter consisting of a metering flow tube which utilizes Faraday’s Law of Induction to measure the flow and includes a transmitter to transmit the flow signal to a totalizer located in the control room of the asphalt plant. Locate the SBR meter downstream of any recirculation lines. Provide a means for removing the SBR line at the in-line blender to be able to obtain a sample of the SBR for calibration purposes.

Obtain Laboratory approval for use of any other type of SBR meter. Ensure the totalizer displays total volume measured and flow rate in standard engineering units. Ensure the totalizer is interfaced with a data logger which produces printouts of the logged data every five minutes for a drum plant or every batch for a batch plant. Ensure the logged data includes time, date, flow rate, and flow total except flow rate is not necessary for batch plant production.

Balling or wadding of SBR or uncoated aggregate indicates improper mixing; cease production immediately and until corrected to District satisfaction.

402.04  Water Injection System for Warm Mix Asphalt.

When allowed by specification use a water injection system approved by the Department for the purpose of foaming the asphalt binder and lowering the mixture temperature. Only use equipment that has been proven stable and effective through project use on non-ODOT projects. Ensure equipment for water injection meets the following requirements:

1.       Injection equipment computer controls are in the plant control room and are tied to the plant computer metering.

2.       Injection equipment has variable water injection control controlled by the plant operation rate and the water injection can never exceed 1.8 percent by weight of asphalt binder.

3.       Water injection rate cannot be manually overridden by the plant operator once in the computer.

4.       Injection equipment stops water flow when a control or equipment failure in the injection system occurs.

5.       The water injects into the asphalt binder flow before the asphalt binder spray hits aggregate. Do not allow water to touch aggregate before the binder spray.

6.       Injection equipment includes water storage and pump control tied to the injection computer controls.

7.       Water storage low water alarm installed in the control room.

8.       Provide a PG binder sampling valve between the last piping tee on the tank side of the line and the injection equipment to sample PG binder before water is injected.