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1/15/10 TEM Revision Set
011510_Revision Set_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNo1/23/2019 2:30 PM1/15/201020101680 KB Scott Roeder
1/15/16 TEM Revision Set
011516_TEMRevisionSet_122415_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNo1/27/2016 1:16 PM1/15/201620163367 KB Scott Roeder
1/16/04 TEM Revision Set_011604 (missing Revision Log, Publication Record, TOC and Part 6)
01-16-04_TEMRevision_011604_missingRevLogPubRecTOCPart6.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:23 PM1/16/2004200411074 KB Juanita Elliott
1/16/04 TEM Revision Set_012204 (Revision Log and Part 6 missing)
01-16-04_TEMRevision_012204_RevLog missing Part6.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:23 PM1/22/2004200412441 KB Juanita Elliott
1/16/04 TEM Revision Set_020404
01-16-04_TEMRevision_020404.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:24 PM2/4/2004200412587 KB Juanita Elliott
011609 Revision Set_partial_missing revision log, preface materials and correction to Part 4
011609_TEM Revision_partial_013009.pdfArchivedNo2/2/2009 3:48 PM1/30/200920097694 KB Juanita Elliott
1/16/09 TEM Revision Set (posting completed 02/02/09)
011609_TEM Revision_posting completed 020209.pdfRevision SetNo7/17/2013 12:44 PM2/2/200920097845 KB Juanita Elliott
1/16/15 TEM Revision Set
01-16-15_TEMRevisionSet_011515_bookmarked.pdfArchivedNo1/16/2015 8:45 AM1/16/2015201539703 KB Juanita Elliott
1/16/15 TEM Revision Set
01-16-15_TEMRevisionSet_011615_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNo1/16/2015 8:46 AM1/16/2015201539703 KB Juanita Elliott
1/17/03 TEM Revision Set_012403
01-17-03_TEMRevision_012403.pdfRevision SetNo6/2/2014 9:18 AM1/17/200320032520 KB Juanita Elliott
1/17/03 TEM Revision Set_020503 (added pages 6-11 an d6-12)
01-17-03_TEMRevision_020503_added sheet 6-11-6-12.pdfRevision SetNo6/2/2014 9:19 AM2/5/200320032522 KB Juanita Elliott
1/17/03 TEM Revision Set_021103 (corrected Revision Log)
01-17-03_TEMRevision_021103_corrected Revision Log.pdfRevision SetNo6/2/2014 9:21 AM2/11/200320032609 KB Juanita Elliott
1/17/14 TEM Revision Set
011714_TEMRevisionSet_011614_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNo1/17/2014 8:16 AM1/17/2014201422176 KB Juanita Elliott
7/17/15 TEM Revision Set (added preface materials pages & corrected Log 7/20/15)
011715_TEMRevisionSet_072015.pdfArchivedNo7/27/2015 2:32 PM7/17/2015201517571 KB Juanita Elliott
01/17/20 TEM Revision Set
011720_TEMRevisionSet_011620_bookmarked_.pdfRevision SetNonone1/17/2020 9:46 AM1/17/202020204020 KB Scott Roeder
1/18/08 TEM Revision Set
011808_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo7/17/2013 12:43 PM1/18/200820086249 KB Juanita Elliott
1/18/13 TEM Revision Set
011813_TEM Revision Set.pdfRevision SetNo7/17/2013 12:38 PM1/18/201320131352 KB Juanita Elliott
1/18/19 TEM Revision Set
011819_TEMRevisionSet_010319_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNonone1/18/2019 9:16 AM1/18/201920193623 KB Scott Roeder
1/19/07 TEM Revision Set
011907_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo7/17/2013 12:43 PM1/19/200720077124 KB Juanita Elliott
1/19/07 TEM Revision Set (with 02/08/07 correction)
011907_TEM Revision_with 020807 corrections.pdfRevision SetNo7/17/2013 12:43 PM2/8/200720077478 KB Juanita Elliott
1/19/18 TEM Revision Set
011918_TEMRevision Set_011719_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNonone1/19/2018 12:06 PM1/19/201820184545 KB Scott Roeder
1/20/06 TEM Revision Set (posting complete)
012006_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo2/27/2014 3:01 PM2/3/200620061195 KB Juanita Elliott
01/20/06 TEM Revision Set (partial with Revision Log for Parts 1, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10; and text for Parts 8 and 9)
01-20-06_TEMRevision_013106_partial.pdfRevision SetNo2/27/2014 3:01 PM1/31/20062006415 KB Juanita Elliott
01/20/06 TEM Revision Set - initial partial posting (Revision Log for Parts 1, 5, 7 and 10)
01-20-06_TEMRevision_TEM revision log_initial posting_013006.PDFRevision SetNo2/27/2014 3:00 PM1/20/2006200677 KB Juanita Elliott
1/20/12 TEM Revision Set
012012_TEM Revision Set_012012Revision_012412_bookmarks.pdfRevision SetNo1/24/2012 4:52 PM1/20/2012201212720 KB Juanita Elliott
1/20/17 TEM Revision Set
012017_Revision Set_012617(2)_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNo1/26/2017 2:06 PM1/20/201720175281 KB Scott Roeder
1/21/05 TEM Revision Set
012105_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo7/17/2013 12:42 PM1/25/200520052783 KB Juanita Elliott
1/21/11 TEM Revision Set
012111_TEM Revision Set_012111_reload012611.pdfRevision SetNo1/26/2011 8:41 AM1/21/201120113839 KB Juanita Elliott
03/06/09 TEM Revision Set
030609_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:57 PM3/5/20092009418 KB Juanita Elliott
04/15/05 TEM Revision Set
041505_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:57 PM4/15/200520053407 KB Juanita Elliott
04/15/11 TEM Revision Set
041511_Revision Set_042111.pdfRevision SetNonone4/21/2011 4:18 PM4/21/2011201151130 KB Juanita Elliott
4/16/04 TEM Revision Set_042004 (includes Part 3 and missing Title Sheet)
041604_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:43 PM4/16/200420042820 KB Juanita Elliott
4/16/04 TEM Revision Set_ 041604 (without Part 3)
04-16-04_TEMRevision_ 041604_without Part3.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:35 PM4/16/200420041778 KB Juanita Elliott
4/16/04 TEM Revision Set_ 042004 (includes Part 3)
04-16-04_TEMRevision_ 042004_includes Part3.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:34 PM4/20/200420042004 KB Juanita Elliott
4/16/10 TEM Revision Set
041610_RevisionSet_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:56 PM4/16/201020104137 KB Juanita Elliott
041709 Revision Set
041709_Revision Set.pdfArchivedNo5/14/2009 10:14 AM4/17/2009200922523 KB Juanita Elliott
04/17/09 TEM Revision Set
041709_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:56 PM4/17/2009200922539 KB Juanita Elliott
4/18/03 TEM Revision Set_042203 (without Revision Log)
04-18-03_TEMRevision_042203_without RevisionLog.pdfRevision SetNo6/2/2014 9:25 AM4/22/200320034034 KB Juanita Elliott
4/18/03 TEM Revision Set_042303 (complete)
04-18-03_TEMRevision_042303_complete.pdfRevision SetNo6/2/2014 9:25 AM4/23/200320034098 KB Juanita Elliott
04/18/08 TEM Revision Set
041808_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:56 PM4/18/200820086686 KB Juanita Elliott
4/18/14 TEM Revision Set
041814_TEMRevisionSet_04-18-14.pdfRevision SetNo4/21/2014 9:02 AM4/18/20142014552 KB Juanita Elliott
4/19/13 TEM Revision Set
041913_TEM Revision Set_041613.pdfRevision SetNo7/17/2013 12:37 PM4/18/20132013565 KB Juanita Elliott
4/19/19 TEM Revision Set
041919_TEMRevisionSet_040919_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNonone4/19/2019 9:22 AM4/19/20192019874 KB Scott Roeder
04/20/07 TEM Revision Set
042007_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:56 PM4/20/200720073098 KB Juanita Elliott
4/20/12 TEM Revision Set
042012_TEM Revision Set_042712.pdfRevision SetNo4/27/2012 2:33 PM4/20/2012201228500 KB Juanita Elliott
04/21/06 Errata for TEM Part 3
042106_TEM Revision_Part 3 Errata.PDFRevision SetNo31/14/2013 3:55 PM5/2/2006200614 KB Juanita Elliott
04/21/06 Errata for TEM Part 4
042106_TEM Revision_Part 4 Errata.PDFRevision SetNo41/14/2013 3:55 PM4/27/2006200614 KB Juanita Elliott
04/21/06 TEM Revision Set (complete except for TOC snd Revision Log - includes 4/25/06 Announcement)
042106_TEMRevision_042406_complete except for TOC and Revision Log.pdfRevision SetNo2/27/2014 1:26 PM4/24/200620068456 KB Juanita Elliott
04/21/06 TEM Revision Set complete
04-21-06_TEMRevision_050506_complete_withAnnoun_RevisionLog_andErrata.pdfRevision SetNo2/27/2014 1:08 PM5/5/200620068426 KB Juanita Elliott
5/14/10 TEM Revision Set
051410_RevisionSet.pdfRevision SetNo5/14/2010 1:59 PM5/14/201020102652 KB Juanita Elliott
07/15/11 TEM Revision Set
071511_RevisionSet_071311.pdfRevision SetNo7/14/2011 3:53 PM7/2/201120111852 KB Juanita Elliott
7/15/16 TEM Revision Set
071516_TEMRevisionSet_070616_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNonone7/15/2016 10:33 AM7/15/201620165058 KB Scott Roeder
7/16/04 TEM Revision Set_071604 (missing Parts 3 and 6)
07-16-04_TEMRevision_071604_missingParts3 and 6.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:39 PM7/16/200420047525 KB Juanita Elliott
7/16/04 TEM Revision Set_072004 (missing only Part 3)
07-16-04_TEMRevision_072004_missingPart3.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:40 PM7/20/200420048661 KB Juanita Elliott
7/16/04 TEM Revision Set_072304 (complete)
07-16-04_TEMRevision_072304_complete.pdfRevision SetNo5/30/2014 5:40 PM7/23/2004200410104 KB Juanita Elliott
07/16/10 TEM Revision Set
071610_RevisionSet.pdfRevision SetNo7/16/2010 11:12 AM7/16/201020102519 KB Juanita Elliott
07/17/09 TEM Revision Set
071709_TEM Revision_072009.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 4:09 PM7/20/200920098540 KB Juanita Elliott
7/17/15 TEM Revision Set (added missing Part 4 pages 7/27/15)
071715_TEMRevisionSet_072715_inserted missing Part 4pages.pdfRevision SetNo47/27/2015 2:29 PM7/17/2015201521748 KB Juanita Elliott
7/17/15 TEM Revision Set (does not yet include the preface materials update)
071715_TEMRevisionSet_needs Part  00c.pdfArchivedNo7/20/2015 4:37 PM7/17/2015201517240 KB Juanita Elliott
07/18/08 TEM Revision Set
071808_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:54 PM7/18/2008200811727 KB Juanita Elliott
7/18/14 TEM Revision Set (corrected a bookmark title 7/23/14)
07-18-14_TEMRevisionSet_071514_BookmarkFix-072314.pdfRevision SetNo7/23/2014 9:45 AM7/18/2014201434431 KB Juanita Elliott
7/18/14 TEM Revision Set
07-18-14RevisionSet_071514_with pageii fix_bookmarked.pdfArchivedNo7/23/2014 9:48 AM7/18/2014201434426 KB Juanita Elliott
7/19/13 TEM Revision Set
071913_TEM Revision Set_071713.pdfRevision SetNo7/19/2013 2:52 PM7/19/2013201310588 KB Juanita Elliott
7/19/19 TEM Revision Set
071919_TEMRevisionSet_061819_bookmarked_.pdfRevision SetNonone7/19/2019 7:48 AM7/19/201920192072 KB Emily Willis
07/20/07 TEM Revision Set
072007_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:53 PM7/20/2007200712825 KB Juanita Elliott
7/20/12 TEM Revision Set
072012_RevisionSet_072312.pdfRevision SetNo7/23/2012 12:57 PM7/20/2012201249661 KB Juanita Elliott
7/20/12 TEM Revision Set - partial - not bookmarked and does not yet include the Revision Log or preface materials
072012_RevisionSet_Needs Rev Log and Pref Matls.pdfArchivedNo7/23/2012 12:58 PM7/20/2012201249163 KB Juanita Elliott
7/20/18 TEM Revision Set
072018_TEMRevisionSet_071818_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNonone7/20/2018 10:12 AM7/20/201820188061 KB Scott Roeder
07/21/06 TEM Revision Set
072106_TEM revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:53 PM7/21/200620064548 KB Juanita Elliott
7/21/17 TEM Revision Set
072117_TEMRevision Set_070717_bookmarked(2).pdfRevision SetNonone7/21/2017 8:53 AM7/21/201720176178 KB Scott Roeder
09/06/06 TEM Revision Set - special with reformatted PISs
090606_TEM Revision_special with reformatted PISs.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:53 PM9/6/200620061221 KB Juanita Elliott
10/15/04 TEM Revision Set
101504_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:52 PM10/15/200420041601 KB Juanita Elliott
10/15/10 TEM Revision Set
101510_RevisionSet.pdfRevision SetNo10/15/2010 7:34 PM10/15/201020101528 KB Juanita Elliott
10/16/09 TEM Revision Set
101609_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNoall1/14/2013 3:52 PM10/16/200920092353 KB Juanita Elliott
10/16/15 TEM Revision Set
10-16-15_TEMRevisionSet_101515_withMarkups_bookmarked.pdfRevision SetNo11/9/2015 1:32 PM10/16/201520157452 KB Scott Roeder
10/17/03 TEM Revision Set
10-17-03_TEMRevision_102103.pdfRevision SetNo6/2/2014 9:26 AM10/21/200320033096 KB Juanita Elliott
10/17/03 TEM Revision Set_102203 (includes Preface, Mission Statement and all of Part 11)
10-17-03_TEMRevision_102203_includesPrefaceMission and all of Part11.pdfRevision SetNo6/2/2014 9:28 AM10/22/200320034803 KB Juanita Elliott
10/17/08 TEM Revision Set
101708_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:52 PM10/23/2008200814479 KB Juanita Elliott
10/18/19 TEM Revision Set
101819_TEMRevisionSet_101719_.pdfRevision SetNonone10/18/2019 11:09 AM10/18/20192019706 KB Emily Willis
10/19/07 TEM Revision Set
101907_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:51 PM10/19/200720071489 KB Juanita Elliott
10/19/12 TEM Revision Set
101912_Revision Set_101912.pdfRevision SetNo10/19/2012 2:56 PM10/19/201220121720 KB Juanita Elliott
10/20/06 TEM Revision Set
102006_TEM Revision.pdfRevision SetNo1/14/2013 3:51 PM10/20/200620066958 KB Juanita Elliott
10/21/11 TEM Revision
102111_RevisionSet_101911.pdfRevision SetNo10/20/2011 9:10 AM10/21/20112011873 KB Juanita Elliott
7/16/04 TEM Complete
2004_TEMComplete_07-16-04Revision_080204.ZIPArchivedYesall6/3/2014 10:00 AM8/2/2004200417631 KB Juanita Elliott
Known Errors List for the TEM 7/20/12 Revision
Known Errors in the 2012 TEM_072012_072512.pdfArchivedNo10/22/2012 1:29 PM7/25/2012201237 KB Juanita Elliott
TEM Cover - binder insert 1/21/11
Part_00_cover_012111.PDFArchivedNo1/18/2013 1:55 PM1/21/2011201114 KB Juanita Elliott
TEM Cover_binder insert_020309
Part_00_cover_020309.pdfArchivedNonone1/21/2011 4:17 PM2/3/2009200914 KB Juanita Elliott
TEM Cover - Binder Insert
Part_00_cover_101819Revision_101719_DeWine.pdfCurrentNonone12/31/2019 1:08 PM1/18/2019201919 KB Scott Roeder
TEM cover and notebook spine - binder inserts
Part_00_cover_spine.pdfArchivedNo3/5/2009 12:09 PM10/23/200258 KB Juanita Elliott
01/17/20 TEM Revision Announcement
Part_00a_Announce_011720Rev_011020.pdfCurrentNonone1/17/2020 9:45 AM1/17/2020202095 KB Scott Roeder
10/18/19 TEM Revision Announcement
Part_00a_Announce_101819Rev_091719.pdfpending revisionNonone1/17/2020 9:42 AM10/18/2019201956 KB Scott Roeder
Announcement for the 1/15/10 Revision
Part_00a_Announcement_011510Revision_011310.PDFArchivedNo4/16/2010 12:51 PM1/15/2010201017 KB Juanita Elliott
1/16/15 TEM Revision Announcement
Part_00a_Announcement_01-16-15Revision_010915.pdfArchivedNo7/17/2015 5:45 PM1/16/20152015107 KB Juanita Elliott
Announcement for the 1/17/14 TEM Revision
Part_00a_Announcement_011714Revision_011514.pdfArchivedNo4/18/2014 9:18 AM1/17/2014201424 KB Juanita Elliott
1/18/13 Announcement
Part_00a_Announcement_011813Revision_011113a.pdfArchivedNo4/19/2013 7:41 AM1/18/2013201326 KB Scott Roeder
Announcement for the 1/20/12 TEM
Part_00a_Announcement_012012Revision_012312.pdfArchivedNo4/27/2012 1:56 PM1/20/2012201221 KB Juanita Elliott
Announcement for the 1/21/11 Revision
Part_00a_Announcement_012111Revision_012111.PDFArchivedNo4/21/2011 4:39 PM1/21/2011201115 KB Juanita Elliott
Announcement for the 030609 Revision
Part_00a_announcement_030609 Revision_030509.PDFArchivedNo10/16/2009 12:05 PM3/5/2009200917 KB Juanita Elliott
Announcement for the 4/15/11 Revision
Part_00a_Announcement_041511Revision_042011.pdfArchivedNo7/15/2011 8:36 AM4/21/2011201114 KB Juanita Elliott
Announcement for the 4/16/10 Revision
Part_00a_Announcement_041610Revision_041610.PDFArchivedNo5/14/2010 2:01 PM4/16/2010201018 KB Juanita Elliott
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