209.01  Description

209.02  Materials

209.03  Construction Requirements

209.04  Ditch Cleanout

209.05  Reshaping Under Guardrail

209.06  Preparing Subgrade for Shoulder Paving

209.07  Grading Tolerances

209.08  Method of Measurement

209.09  Basis of Payment


209.01  Description.  This work consists of performing linear grading within the specified alignment detailed in the Contract Documents and within the grading tolerances.

Use all suitable material in the work.  Alternatively, legally use, recycle or dispose of all excavated materials according to 105.16 and 105.17.

209.02  Materials.  Furnish suitable materials as defined in 203.02.R.

209.03  Construction Requirements.  Construct embankment and subgrade work according to Items 203 and 204.

When off-project-limit embankment material is needed for the work, an estimated quantity for Item 209 Borrow will be specified in the Contract Documents.

209.04  Ditch Cleanout.  Reestablish the cross-section of the existing ditch.  Use the required embankment material to fill the eroded conditions.  The compaction requirements specified in Item 203 do not apply.

209.05  Reshaping Under Guardrail.  Reshape graded shoulders at locations were the existing guardrail is removed or where the new guardrail is to be erected to ensure a smooth drainable surface free of all irregularities.

209.06  Preparing Subgrade for Shoulder Paving.  Prepare the subgrade for shoulder paving by excavating the existing shoulder material to the depth shown in the plan.  Trim unsound or broken edges of asphalt concrete or concrete pavement to a line established by the Engineer.  Remove any unstable material and shape and compact the subgrade.

Compact the subgrade according to 204.03.  Backfill areas graded in excess of the depth shown on the plans with Item 617 compacted aggregate at no expense to the Department.

209.07  Grading Tolerances.  Do not encroach on stream channels, impact wetlands, or extend beyond construction limits, Right-of-Way or easement limits.  Do not make alignment or profile grade adjustments that adversely affect drainage.  Construct the work to the tolerances in 203.08.

209.08  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure Linear Grading, Linear Grading Method ___, Reshaping Under Guardrail, and Preparing Subgrade for Shoulder Paving by the number of either stations or miles (meters or kilometers) completed and accepted, along each side of the pavement.  The Department will not make deductions for intersections and other gaps.

The Department will measure Ditch Cleanout by the number of feet (meters) measured along the centerline of the ditch.

The Department will measure Borrow according to 203.09.

209.09  Basis of Payment.  The Department will pay for added work that increases the haul distance by more than 1/2 mile (1 km) according to 109.05.

The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract prices as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

209             Station or Mile                Linear Grading
                       (Meter or Kilometer)

209             Station or Mile                Linear Grading Method ___
                       (Meter or Kilometer)     

209             Feet (Meters)                  Ditch Cleanout

209             Station or Mile                Reshaping Under Guardrail
                       (Meter or Kilometer)     

209             Station or Mile                Preparing Subgrade for Shoulder Paving
                       (Meter or Kilometer)     

209             Cubic Yard or Ton          Borrow
                       (Cubic Meter

                       or Metric Ton)