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Traffic Control (TC) SCDs


 Current Drawings (.dgn and .pdf files)

TC_00_SCD_Book_071720Rev_062420.pdfTC COMPLETE DOWNLOAD FILE - 7/17/2012824 KB 7/17/2020
TC_00911_2020-04-17.dgnTC-9.11, Semi-Overhead Sign Support325 KB 4/17/2020
TC_00911_2020-04-17.pdfTC-9.11, Semi-Overhead Sign Support 585 KB 4/17/2020
TC_00931_2020-04-17.dgnTC-9.31, Center Mount Overhead Sign Support328 KB 4/17/2020
TC_00931_2020-04-17.pdfTC-9.31, Center Mount Overhead Sign Support592 KB 4/17/2020
TC_01231_2020-04-17.dgnTC-12.31, Cantilever Overhead Sign Support183 KB 4/17/2020
TC_01231_2020-04-17.pdfTC-12.31, Cantilever Overhead Sign Support653 KB 4/17/2020
TC_015116_2020-07-17.dgnTC-15.116, Steel Truss Overhead Sign Support230 KB 7/17/2020
TC_015116_2020-07-17.pdfTC-15.116, Steel Truss Overhead Sign Support789 KB 7/17/2020
TC_01622_2020-07-17.dgnTC-16.22, Single Arm Overhead Sign Support451 KB 7/17/2020
TC_01622_2020-07-17.pdfTC-16.22, Single Arm Overhead Sign Support806 KB 7/17/2020
TC_01711_2020-04-17.dgnTC-17.11, Span Wire Overhead Sign Support267 KB 4/17/2020
TC_01711_2020-04-17.pdfTC-17.11, Span Wire Overhead Sign Support391 KB 4/17/2020
TC_01824_2014-01-17.dgnTC-18.24, Flush Structure Mounted Sign Support108 KB 1/17/2014
TC_01824_2014-01-17.pdfTC-18.24, Flush Structure Mounted Sign Support124 KB 1/17/2014
TC_01826_2014-01-17.dgnTC-18.26, Skewed Structure Mounted Sign Support192 KB 1/17/2014
TC_01826_2014-01-17.pdfTC-18.26, Skewed Structure Mounted Sign Support223 KB 1/17/2014
TC_02111_2020-04-17.dgnTC-21.11, Sign Support Foundations241 KB 4/17/2020
TC_02111_2020-04-17.pdfTC-21.11, Sign Support Foundations 509 KB 4/17/2020
TC_02121_2020-07-17.dgnTC-21.21, Foundations213 KB 7/17/2020
TC_02121_2020-07-17.pdfTC-21.21, Foundations504 KB 7/17/2020
TC_02150_2020-04-17.dgnTC-21.50, Concrete Barrier Median Overhead Sign Support Foundations (Single Slope)311 KB 4/17/2020
TC_02150_2020-04-17.pdfTC-21.50, Concrete Barrier Median Overhead Sign Support Foundations (Single Slope)406 KB 4/17/2020
TC_02210_2020-04-17.dgnTC-22.10, Miscellaneous Overhead Sign Support Details146 KB 4/17/2020
TC_02210_2020-04-17.pdfTC-22.10, Miscellaneous Overhead Sign Support Details218 KB 4/17/2020
TC_02220_2014-01-17.dgnTC-22.20, Sign Attachment Assemblies152 KB 1/17/2014
TC_02220_2014-01-17.pdfTC-22.20, Sign Attachment Assemblies221 KB 1/17/2014
TC_04110_2013-07-19.dgnTC-41.10, Structural Beam Sign Supports165 KB 7/19/2013
TC_04110_2013-07-19.pdfTC-41.10, Structural Beam Sign Supports219 KB 7/19/2013
TC_04120_2013-10-18.dgnTC-41.20, Yielding Post143 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04120_2013-10-18.pdfTC-41.20, Yielding Post119 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04125_2015-07-17.dgnTC-41.25, Laminated Veneer Wooden Box Beam Sign Support110 KB 7/17/2015
TC_04125_2015-07-17.pdfTC-41.25, Laminated Veneer Wooden Box Beam Sign Support173 KB 7/17/2015
TC_04130_2013-10-18.dgnTC-41.30, Sign Post Reflectors159 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04130_2013-10-18.pdfTC-41.30, Sign Post Reflectors140 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04140_2013-10-18.dgnTC-41.40, Special Sign Attachments and Supports116 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04140_2013-10-18.pdfTC-41.40, Special Sign Attachments and Supports103 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04141_2019-07-19.dgnTC-41.41, Special Sign Attachments131 KB 7/19/2019
TC_04141_2019-07-19.pdfTC-41.41, Special Sign Attachments191 KB 7/19/2019
TC_04150_2013-10-18.dgnTC-41.50, One Way Sign Support Details97 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04150_2013-10-18.pdfTC-41.50, One Way Sign Support Details72 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04210_2013-10-18.dgnTC-42.10, Typical Guide Sign Placement85 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04210_2013-10-18.pdfTC-42.10, Typical Guide Sign Placement121 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04220_2013-10-18.dgnTC-42.20, Typical Flat Sheet Sign Placement208 KB 10/18/2013
TC_04220_2013-10-18.pdfTC-42.20, Typical Flat Sheet Sign Placement170 KB 10/18/2013
TC_05111_2016-01-15.dgnTC-51.11, Aluminum Bolted Extrusheet Panel Sign124 KB 1/15/2016
TC_05111_2016-01-15.pdfTC-51.11, Aluminum Bolted Extrusheet Panel Sign136 KB 1/15/2016
TC_05112_2016-01-15.dgnTC-51.12, Aluminum Bolted Extrusion Panel Sign122 KB 1/15/2016
TC_05112_2016-01-15.pdfTC-51.12, Aluminum Bolted Extrusion Panel Sign124 KB 1/15/2016
TC_05210_2013-10-18.dgnTC-52.10, Sign Blank Details I91 KB 10/18/2013
TC_05210_2013-10-18.pdfTC-52.10, Sign Blank Details I109 KB 10/18/2013
TC_05220_2018-07-20.dgnTC-52.20, Sign Blank Details II124 KB 7/20/2018
TC_05220_2018-07-20.pdfTC-52.20, Sign Blank Details II218 KB 7/20/2018
TC_06110_2020-01-17.dgnTC-61.10, Delineator Details194 KB 1/17/2020
TC_06110_2020-01-17.pdfTC-61.10, Delineator Details132 KB 1/17/2020
TC_06130_2019-07-19.dgnTC-61.30, Guardrail Blockout Reflector Placement97 KB 7/19/2019
TC_06130_2019-07-19.pdfTC-61.30, Guardrail Blockout Reflector Placement74 KB 7/19/2019
TC_06410_2020-01-17.dgnTC-64.10, Rumble Stripes96 KB 1/17/2020
TC_06410_2020-01-17.pdfTC-64.10, Rumble Stripes145 KB 1/17/2020
TC_06510_2014-01-17.dgnTC-65.10, Raised Pavement Marker Placement Details65 KB 1/17/2014
TC_06510_2014-01-17.pdfTC-65.10, Raised Pavement Marker Placement Details85 KB 1/17/2014
TC_06511_2017-07-21.dgnTC-65.11, Raised Pavement Marker Spacing Details168 KB 7/21/2017
TC_06511_2017-07-21.pdfTC-65.11, Raised Pavement Marker Spacing Details240 KB 7/21/2017
TC_07110_2018-01-19.dgnTC-71.10, Word and Symbol Pavement Markings187 KB 1/19/2018
TC_07110_2018-01-19.pdfTC-71.10, Word and Symbol Pavement Markings412 KB 1/19/2018
TC_07220_2018-07-20.dgnTC-72.20, Freeway and Expressway Entrance and Exit Pavement Markings137 KB 7/20/2018
TC_07220_2018-07-20.pdfTC-72.20, Freeway and Expressway Entrance and Exit Pavement Markings137 KB 7/20/2018
TC_073.20_2020-01-17.dgnTC-73.20, Enhanced Wrong-Way Traffic Control for Ramps123 KB 1/17/2020
TC_073.20_2020-01-17.pdfTC-73.20, Enhanced Wrong-Way Traffic Control for Ramps182 KB 1/17/2020
TC_08111_2020-07-17.dgnTC-81.11, Strain Pole Details260 KB 7/17/2020
TC_08111_2020-07-17.pdfTC-81.11, Strain Pole Details618 KB 7/17/2020
TC_08122_2020-07-17.dgnTC-81.22, Single Arm Overhead Signal Support275 KB 7/17/2020
TC_08122_2020-07-17.pdfTC-81.22, Single Arm Overhead Signal Support965 KB 7/17/2020
TC_08210_2019-07-19.dgnTC-82.10, Vehicle Detector Installation Details1233 KB 7/19/2019
TC_08210_2019-07-19.pdfTC-82.10, Vehicle Detector Installation Details382 KB 7/19/2019
TC_08310_2020-01-17.dgnTC-83.10, Pole Mountings for Controllers and Power Service256 KB 1/17/2020
TC_08310_2020-01-17.pdfTC-83.10, Pole Mountings for Controllers and Power Service264 KB 1/17/2020
TC_08320_2017-07-21.dgnTC-83.20, Cabinet Foundations and Pedestals217 KB 7/21/2017
TC_08320_2017-07-21.pdfTC-83.20, Cabinet Foundations and Pedestals241 KB 7/21/2017
TC_08420_2013-10-18.dgnTC-84.20, Messenger Wire Details190 KB 10/18/2013
TC_08420_2013-10-18.pdfTC-84.20, Messenger Wire Details204 KB 10/18/2013
TC_08421_2013-10-18.dgnTC-84.21, Messenger Wire Details II92 KB 10/18/2013
TC_08421_2013-10-18.pdfTC-84.21, Messenger Wire Details II95 KB 10/18/2013
TC_08510_2020-04-17.dgnTC-85.10, Pole Mountings for Signal Heads162 KB 4/17/2020
TC_08510_2020-04-17.pdfTC-85.10, Pole Mountings for Signal Heads430 KB 4/17/2020
TC_08520_2018-07-20.dgnTC-85.20, Overhead Signal Attachment, Mast Arm113 KB 7/20/2018
TC_08520_2018-07-20.pdfTC-85.20, Overhead Signal Attachment, Mast Arm148 KB 7/20/2018
TC_08521_2020-04-17.dgnTC-85.21, Signal Tether Attachment184 KB 4/17/2020
TC_08521_2020-04-17.pdfTC-85.21, Signal Tether Attachment476 KB 4/17/2020
TC_08522_2018-01-19.dgnTC-85.22, Overhead Signal Attachments, Span Wire257 KB 1/19/2018
TC_08522_2018-01-19.pdfTC-85.22, Overhead Signal Attachments, Span Wire287 KB 1/19/2018
TC_08610_2019-07-19.pdfTC-86.10, Railroad Preemption Interface Panel291 KB 7/19/2019
TC-08610_2019-07-19.dgnTC-86.10, Railroad Preemption Interface Panel257 KB 7/19/2019