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Division of Planning
Statewide Planning & Research

​Project Details

To narrow your search via Project Type (i.e., Aerial, Hydraulics, Maintenance) or Research Agency (i.e., Ohio University, USGS)  use the pull down menu under the Project Type Research Agency columns.

Project Type
Analysis of Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) in Mix Design on Local Roadways in Ohio134989Materials, PavementsOhio University
Assessment of Existing and Potential Volume Reduction for Post Construction Stormwater Management 135318HydraulicsMS Consultants, Inc.
Automated QC/QA System Implementation135511MaterialsSogeti USA LLC
Best Practices for Chip Sealing Low-Volume Roads in Ohio135536MaintenanceOhio University
Best Practices for Pavement Restoration of Open Cut Utility Installations/Repairs on Local Roadways in Northern Ohio135520MaintenanceOhio University
Bridge Condition Index for Transportation Asset Management in Ohio135240StructuresThe Ohio State University
Catch Basin Inserts for Ohio Roadways135444HydraulicsGS&P/OH Inc.
Condition Evaluation of In-Service Chemically Stabilized Subgrades in a High Sulfate Environment135443PavementsOhio University
Cost-effective Uses of Lightweight Aggregate Made from Dredged Material in Construction135327MaintenanceKent State University
Crack Resistance and Durability of RAS Asphalt Mixtures135305MaterialsAuburn University
Dedolomitization and Alkali Reactions in Ohio-Sourced Dolostone Aggregates135267MaterialsBowling Green State University
Determining Bond Strength of Micro-surfacing Mixes135491Materials, Pavements, ConstructionOhio University
Determining Optimum Thickness for Long-Life Concrete Pavement in Ohio135244PavementsOhio University
Development and Field Testing of an Automatic Turning Movements Identification System135141PlanningUniversity of Akron
Development of an Overlay Design Procedure for Composite Pavements134831PavementsUniversity of Toledo
Development of Automated Pavement Condition Score and Decision Tree Logic135495PavementsApplied Research Associates, Inc.
Effective and Economical Cleaning of Pipes and Underdrains - Phase 2135531MaintenanceUniversity of Akron
Effective and Efficient Roadside Ditch Cleaning Using BMP's for Erosion and Sediment Control135204MaintenanceUniversity of Cincinnati
Effective and Safe Berm Compaction for Shoulder Maintenance134838MaintenanceCase Western Reserve University
Effectiveness of Wildlife Mitigation Treatments on the Nelsonville Bypass 135024EnvironmentalOhio University
Effects of Tree Canopy on Pavement Condition, Safety and Maintenance - Phase 2135566MaintenanceOhio University
Estimating External Travel Using Purchased Third-Party Data134877PlanningThe Ohio State University
Evaluate Alternatives to Right of Way Drainage Control Along the Interstate   135498HydraulicsEMH&T
Evaluate ODOT's Current Berm Compaction Process For Cost Effective Alternatives135496MaintenanceOhio University
Evaluating the Particle Size Distribution of Ohio's Stormwater Runoff135258HydraulicsThe Ohio State University
Evaluation of Asphalt Base Course Construction and Acceptance Requirements 135324ConstructionOhio University
Evaluation of Cost Effective Protective Coatings for ODOT Snow & Ice Equipment134935MaintenanceUniversity of Akron
Evaluation of Effective Bridge Deck Repair Maintenance Methods135489MaterialsUniversity of Akron
Evaluation of Energy Efficient Options to Heat Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Maintenance Facilities135497AdministrationEntriq
Evaluation of Maintenance Procedures for Bridge Spalling on Parapet Walls - Phase 2135593MaintenanceUniversity of Cincinnati
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