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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OFFICE OF MAT​ERIALS MANAGEMENT


The Asphalt Materials section of the Office of Materials Management conducts testing and personnel approvals in support of ODOT Districts project contract administration, contractor and supplier approvals, material investigations, as well as implementation of new specifications and technology.   Also, in conjunction with the asphalt industry, the section works to furth​er the expectation of quality paving through specification development and evaluation of contractor procedures.

The section is divided into two distinct roles. One area conducts testing and administers the asphalt binders program for ODOT. These binders are used in asphalt paving, chip sealing, microsurfacing, joint sealing and various other applications of asphalt products in roadway construction. The other area within the asphalt section conducts testing and administers the approval of asphalt mixtures and personnel for a variety of specifications, and assists districts in pavement failure forensics and pavement applications.

The Asphalt Materials section is AASHTO accredited and can perform all of the standard AASHTO and  ASTM tests relating to asphalt mixes and asphalt binders.  The section also conducts a variety of specialized tests including gyratory compaction, loaded wheel rut and fatigue, cracking, abson recovery, reflux and moisture damage tests.​


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