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Training / Certified / Approved Personnel
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  Aggregate Technician Training Program

ACI & ORMCA Certification Schedule

LTL-X Retrometer Training (Powerpoint Presentation)

WorkType 57 Concrete Sealer Training Class​       

     DLS Verification Testing 

Asphalt Level 2 and 3 Tech

                                         Asphalt Level 2 and 3 Technician and Field Quality Control Supervisor Training​ 





Approved / Certified Personnel Listing


Aggregate Certification

The following 3 links redirect users to Excel spreadsheets created and maintained by the Ohio Aggregate and Industrial Minerals Association (OAIMA). The lists contain names, test dates, companies/agencies, renewal dates, and certification numbers.

Level 1 Technicians
Level 2 Technicians
Level 3 Technicians





Approved Asphalt Technicians and Field Quality Control Supervisors

Th link below is a listings of Approved Contractor and Consultant personnel. Flexible Pavements of Ohio (​) conducts Level 2, 3 and FQCS training schools.  IMPORTANT: Beginning 2015 approvals for Level 2 and 3 will expire on a 2/1 cycle rather than a 4/1 cycle. Please send in request for re-approval 2 months earlier.  This will ease the spring workload time crunch. Beginning Jan 1, 2015 letters for approval/re-approval will no longer be sent.  This web listing will be the official approved personnel list.

Approved Level 2 & 3​

Field Quality Control Supervisors (FQCS) (Contractor & Consultant Employee’s Only)

ACI Logo 

Concrete Certification

The ACI link redirects to the American Concrete Institute's (ACI) Certified Personnel Directory. Certified professionals can be searched by ID Number or Last Name, Certification Category, and/or Location.

ACI Certified Personnel​

Bridge Paint Quality Control Specialist

Bridge paint Quality Control Specialist is maintained by Ohio Department of Transportation and contains the complete information on individual Bridge Paint specialist with ODOT and outside certification expirations dates. 

Bridge Paint Quality Control Specialist

SS832 CPESC Trained Attendance 

A CPESC (Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control) is a recognized specialist in soil erosion and sediment control. CPESCs have educational training, demonstrated expertise, experience in controlling erosion and sedimentation, and meet certification standards.


SS832 CPESC Trained Attendance List


Approved Field Welders

Welder qualifications for the Ohio Department of Transportation are governed by the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.5 Bridge Welding Code and the Department’s Supplemental 1011.  The link below contains a brief outline of the qualification/rec-certification requirements along with a link to the approved field welders page.


Approved Field Welders​​


Certified Pavement Profilers and Operators

Pavement Profilers and Operators are overseen by the Ohio Department of Transportation Division of Planning. Road Profiling is the use of a technology that measures road roughness as well as methods for analyzing and interpreting data for ride quality and ODOT certifies staff to be profilers and profiler operators. Profiling Forms, Instructions and Documentation can be found at the page linked below.

                                               Certified Pavement Profilers and Operators​​​



Compaction of Unbound Materials Qualification
This certification program has been absorbed into the ODOT Prequalified Construction Inspection Program as the Soil and Aggregate Inspector. Visit the Prequalification Overview page for prerequisite information.


                                         Compaction of Unbound Materials Qualification​​​​​


Work Type 57 Trained Contractors List
The Office of Construction Administration maintains the ODOT Work Type 57 Trained Contractor LIst. Use the link below to access the Work Type 57 Training List (Excel File), which provides the name, company, the date training was received and the date training expires for the contractors who have attended the Work Type 57 Training course given by the Office of Materials Management in conjunction with the Office of Local Programs (LTAP). The list will be located under Construction Related Links, in the left column, towards the bottom of the page.




OAIMA Logo    
ODOT Prequalified Worksite Traffic Supervisor (WTS)
The WTS Prequalification process and requirements are in effect as of July 20, 2018. For all plans using the Worksite Traffic Supervisor plan note in the Traffic Engineering Manual published on July 20 2018, or later, a prequalified WTS will be required to fulfill the WTS role. 
Once all prerequisites have been successfully achieved you must register for, and successfully complete, WTS prequalification testing through Ohio Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP). WTS prequalification expires after 5 years from date of successful completion and must be renewed to remain prequalified.
Prequalified WTS List







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