252.01  Description

252.02  Removal of Existing Rigid Pavement

252.03  Correction of Subgrade

252.04  Placement of Asphalt Concrete

252.05  Method of Measurement

252.06  Basis of Payment


252.01  Description.  This work consists of the full depth removal of existing rigid pavement in areas exhibiting deterioration, correcting the subgrade, placing and compacting asphalt concrete, and restoring the shoulders.

252.02  Removal of Existing Rigid Pavement.  Conform to 255.03, except the last paragraph does not apply.

252.03  Correction of Subgrade.  Shape and recompact the subgrade as the Engineer directs.  Clean all vertical faces of the existing pavement, and coat them with asphalt material according to 401.14.

252.04  Placement of Asphalt Concrete.  Construct the pavement replacement by placing and compacting Item 301 or 448, Type 2 material in two or more lifts according to 401.16.

Thoroughly and uniformly compact the first lift and all intermediate lifts using suitable mechanical compaction equipment operated over the entire replacement area.

Compact the final lift using a Type I pneumatic tire roller that conforms to 401.13.  Make at least 18 passes over all points on the entire surface of the repair area.  A pass is defined as one movement of the roller over the surface of the patch.  As the rolling progresses, add additional patching material, as necessary, to produce a smooth surface flush with the existing pavement surface.

Continuously compact each lift while the material is in a workable condition throughout the depth of the lift.

Maintain the repairs flush with the existing pavement surface by adding and compacting or by removing asphalt concrete in a manner satisfactory to the Engineer.  If the Contract includes the resurfacing of the existing pavement, maintain the repairs flush with the existing pavement surface until the pavement is resurfaced.

Seal the surface of the repaired area to prevent raveling by applying approved 702.04 asphalt material, RS-1, RS-2, CRS-1, or CRS-2, with a squeegee.  Evenly apply 703.06 sand cover aggregate according to 407.07.

After completing repairs, restore the existing shoulders to the condition that existed prior to the repair work.

252.05  Method of Measurement.  The Department will measure the quantity of Full Depth Rigid Pavement Removal and Flexible Replacement by the number of square yards (square meters) of rigid pavement repaired in the complete and accepted work, calculated using the dimensions established by the Engineer.

The Department will measure the quantity of Full Depth Pavement Sawing by the number of feet (meters) of full depth saw cuts in the complete and accepted work.

252.06  Basis of Payment.  Payment is full compensation for furnishing all materials, including paint, removing pavement, correcting the subgrade, placing flexible pavement, sealing, and restoring the shoulders and for all labor, equipment, and incidentals necessary to complete this work.

The Department will not pay for removal, disposal, and replacement of pavement damaged adjacent to the repair area.

The Department will pay for accepted quantities at the contract prices as follows:

Item           unit                                Description

252             Square Yard                     Full Depth Rigid Pavement
                       (Square Meter)                Removal and Flexible Replacement

252          Foot (Meter)         Full Depth Pavement Sawing