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Sample Plan Sheets

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The Sample Plans are not to be considered or used as a single, coordinated plan, but as a collection of individual sheet types. In many cases, copies of actual plan sheets have been used to develop the sheets contained below. Since modifications may have been made to these sheets to develop an appropriate sample, they are no longer considered an official record of the plans from which they were taken.

In cases where the information shown on the Sample Plan Sheets is in conflict with or contradictory to the design policies or practices of the State of Ohio as contained in its Construction and Materials Specifications, Design Manuals, CADD Standards, or Standard Drawings, the policies or practices will supersede any Sample Plan Sheet information.

Sample Plans are available in PDF format. Click on the link provided under the "Title" column below to download each file.

Sample Plan Sheets for ODOTcadd V8i Standards

SectionTypeTitleRelease Date
Sample PlansFull Plan SetComplete Sample Plan Set07/17/2020
1302-1Title SheetLocal 3R Type Project07/17/2020
1302-2Title SheetSuspend/Resume Type Project07/17/2020
1302-3Title SheetRailroad Involvement Type Project07/17/2020
1302-4Title SheetRelocation, New Construction, 4-Lane Project07/19/2019
1302-5Title Sheet"And Various" Type Project07/19/2019
1302-6(a)Title SheetCombining Plans (Part 1 of 2 Parts)07/17/2020
1302-6(b)Title SheetCombining Plan (Part 2 of 2 Parts)07/17/2020
1302-7Title SheetSimplified Plan07/17/2020
1303-1Schematic PlansWidening for Turn Lanes (M/L & Side Road)07/15/2011
1303-2Schematic PlansWidening and Side Road Relocation07/21/2006
1303-3Schematic PlansCurve Relocation07/21/2006
1303-4(a)Schematic PlansDivided Highway (Sheet 1 of 2 Sheets)07/21/2006
1303-4(b)Schematic PlansDivided Highway (Sheet 2 of 2 Sheets)07/21/2006
1304-1(a)Tyical SectionsNew full-Depth Pavement (Sheet 1 of 4 Sheets)07/20/2018
1304-1(b)Tyical SectionsNew full-Depth Pavement (Sheet 2 of 4 Sheets)07/20/2018
1304-1(c)Tyical SectionsNew full-Depth Pavement (Sheet 3 of 4 Sheets)07/20/2018
1304-1(d)Tyical SectionsNew full-Depth Pavement (Sheet 4 of 4 Sheets)07/20/2018
1304-2Tyical SectionsResurfacing & Widening (Flexible Pavement)07/17/2020
1304-3Tyical SectionsResurfacing & Widening (Concrete Pavement)07/20/2018
1304-4Tyical SectionsPlaning, Resurfacing, Widening, Urban, Curb Type07/20/2018
1304-5Tyical SectionsMulti-lane New Construction (Undivided)07/20/2018
1304-6(a)Tyical SectionsMulti-lane New Construction (Divided)07/21/2006
1304-6(b)Tyical SectionsRamp Typicals07/21/2006
1305-1General NotesRoutine Roadway Notes07/18/2014
1305-2General NotesRoutine Roadway Notes01/18/2013
1306-1Maintenance of TrafficGeneral Notes - by Phase, Detour & MOT Phases07/15/2016
1306-2Maintenance of TrafficGeneral Notes - by Phase, Structures07/15/2016
1306-3Maintenance of TrafficCommon Detour10/17/2008
1306-4(a)Maintenance of TrafficMaintenance of Traffic by Phase (One-A)07/21/2006
1306-4(b)Maintenance of TrafficMaintenance of Traffic by Phase (One-B)07/21/2006
1306-4(c)Maintenance of TrafficMaintenance of Traffic by Phase (Two-A)07/15/2016
1306-4(d)Maintenance of TrafficMaintenance of Traffic by Phase (Two-B)07/21/2006
1306-5Maintenance of TrafficMaintenance of Traffic Quantity Subsummary04/19/2013
1306-6Maintenance of TrafficTemporary Road Plan & Profile07/21/2006
1306-7Maintenance of TrafficTemporary Road Typical Sections, etc.07/15/2016
1306-8Maintenance of TrafficSignalized Closure07/15/2016
1307-1Estimated QuantitiesDrainage Subsummary01/18/2019
1307-2Estimated QuantitiesEstimated Quantities (Plan & Profile Sheets)07/15/2016
1307-3(a)Estimated QuantitiesGeneral Summary (Sheet 1 of 4 Sheets)07/19/2019
1307-3(b)Estimated QuantitiesGeneral Summary (Sheet 2 of 4 Sheets)07/19/2019
1307-3(c)Estimated QuantitiesGeneral Summary (Sheet 3 of 4 Sheets)07/17/2020
1307-3(d)Estimated QuantitiesGeneral Summary (Sheet 4 of 4 Sheets)07/19/2019
1307-4Estimated QuantitiesGeneral Summary (Quantity Split by Funding Type and 100% Governmental Agency Items)01/17/2020
1307-5Estimated QuantitiesGeneral Summary/Quantity Split by Governmental Agency07/17/2020
1308-1Project Site PlanProject Site Plan07/20/2018
1309-1(a)Plan and Profile SheetsUrban 3-lane Highway - No Quantities10/17/2008
1309-1(b)Plan and Profile SheetsUrban 3-Lane Highway - Plan View Only07/15/2016
1309-2Plan and Profile SheetsRural 3-lane Highway - Plan View Only04/15/2011
1309-3Plan and Profile SheetsPost Construction BMP Manufactured System10/17/2008
1309-4Plan and Profile SheetsRural 4-lane Divided Highway - No Quantities04/15/2011
1309-5Plan and Profile SheetsRural 2-Lane Highway with Quantities01/18/2013
1309-6Plan and Profile SheetsRural 2-Lane Highway with Quantities07/15/2016
1309-7(a)Plan and Profile SheetsUrban Highway Widening10/20/2006
1309-7(b)Plan and Profile SheetsUrban Highway Widening10/17/2008
1309-8Plan and Profile SheetsBridge Replacement Plan Sheet07/15/2016
1310-1Cross SectionsDivided Highway - New Construction, X-Over Drainage Structure Profile01/17/2014
1310-2Cross SectionsRural Highway with Temporary Road10/20/2006
1310-3Cross SectionsUrban Highway - Curbed with Temporary Pavement01/17/2014
1310-4Cross SectionsUndercut, Subgrade Stabilizations10/20/2006
1310-5Cross SectionsDrive Profiles10/20/2006
1310-6Cross SectionsCross-Section Layout Sheet10/20/2006
1310-7Cross SectionsItemization of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Removal01/17/2014
1311-1Miscellaneous DetailsSuperelevation Table10/20/2006
1311-2Miscellaneous DetailsRural Intersection Detail10/20/2006
1311-3Miscellaneous DetailsUrban Intersection Detail10/20/2006
1311-4Miscellaneous DetailsDriveway Details07/15/2016
1311-5Miscellaneous DetailsDriveway Subsummary07/15/2016
1311-6Miscellaneous DetailsPavement Transition Details07/15/2016
1311-7(a)Miscellaneous DetailsPavement Joint Details (2-lane)10/20/2006
1311-7(b)Miscellaneous DetailsPavement Joint Details (Multi-lane)10/20/2006
1311-8Miscellaneous DetailsMedian X-Over Details07/15/2016
1311-9Miscellaneous DetailsResurfacing Transitions07/15/2016
1311-10Miscellaneous DetailsResurfacing Transitions at Structures07/15/2016
1311-11Miscellaneous DetailsResurfacing Transitions at Ramp Terminals07/15/2016
1311-12Miscellaneous DetailsGrading Plan10/20/2006
1311-13Miscellaneous DetailsRamp Terminal Detail04/15/2011
1311-14(a)Miscellaneous DetailsRoundabout Detail Sheet10/20/2006
1311-14(b)Miscellaneous DetailsRoundabout Detail Sheet10/20/2006
1312-1Drainage DetailsPrefabricated Culvert Detail (4-Lane Normal)01/19/2018
1312-2Drainage DetailsPrefabricated Culvert Detail (2-Land Skew)01/18/2019
1312-3Drainage DetailsLongitudinal Sewer Plan and Profile01/19/2018
1312-4Drainage DetailsLongitudinal Sewer Profile (2-lane Highway)01/18/2019
1312-5Drainage DetailsLongitudinal Sewer Profile (Divided Highway)01/17/2014
1312-6(a)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 1 of 8 Sheets)07/21/2017
1312-6(b)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 2 of 8 Sheets)01/15/2016
1312-6(c)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 3 of 8 Sheets)10/20/2006
1312-6(d)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 4 of 8 Sheets)10/20/2006
1312-6(e)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 5 of 8 Sheets)10/20/2006
1312-6(f)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 6 of 8 Sheets)10/20/2006
1312-6(g)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 7 of 8 Sheets)10/20/2006
1312-6(h)Drainage Details3-Sided Precast Culvert (Sheet 8 of 8 Sheets)10/20/2006
1312-7Drainage DetailsCulvert Detail01/18/2019
1312-8Drainage DetailsCulvert Cross Section Sheet07/20/2018
1313-1Water Work PlansWater Work Plan Sheet with Estimated Quantities10/20/2006
1313-2Water Work PlansWater Work Details10/20/2006
1314-1Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingPavement Marking Subsummary04/19/2013
1314-2Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingSigning Subsummary04/19/2013
1314-3Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingSigning & Pavement Marking Plan Sheet10/20/2006
1314-4Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingElevation View for Ground Mounted Signs10/17/2008
1314-9Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingLighting Schematic Plan04/15/2011
1314-10Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingLighting Plan Sheet04/15/2011
1314-11Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingLighting Subsummary07/15/2016
1314-12Traffic Control, Lighting & LandscapingLandscaping10/20/2006
1315-1Maintenance PlansResurfacing07/15/2016
1315-2Maintenance PlansPlan & Pavement Data07/15/2016
1315-3Maintenance PlansGuardrail Details07/15/2016
1315-4Maintenance PlansGuardrail Details07/15/2016
1316-1Structure Site PlansStructure Site Plan01/17/2020
1316-2Structure Site PlansStructure Site Plan01/17/2020

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