Due to the predominance of reinforced concrete decks on the ODOT system, this guide will only discuss this type of deck (i.e., steel grid decks and timber structures are not discussed).  Below is a typical underside view of a steel-reinforced concrete bridge deck showing no visible defects or distress:


Click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger view and further discussion of the types of distresses that bridge decks typically suffer:

Cracked Deck

Deck Leakage

Cracked Deck w/ Weathering Steel


Severe Spalling

Deterioration Progression Chart
DF_0006a.jpg (32240 bytes)
Vegetation in Gutter

Power Sweeping

Crack Sealing

Deck Sealing 

Deck Replacement

To browse through this section on Decks and related appurtenances and the preventive maintenance measures that apply to them, please click on any of the following topic headings (for repair related information click HERE):

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