A railing can be defined as "a barrier along the sides of a bridge, usually made of concrete or steel, which is intended to prevent vehicles and/or pedestrians from falling over the side of the bridge."  Various types of railing have been utilized through the years, but the materials are generally either concrete or steel. If concrete, the typical type built during the Interstate years incorporated a safety curb and parapet topped with aluminum railing. Much of this railing has been upgraded with the current style of deflective parapet. If steel, the most common type used since the 1970s has been deep beam guardrail with tubular backup mounted on 6" wide flange posts on 6'-3" centers. The posts are mounted on the side of the bridge with 4 - 1 1/2" bolts. All steel components are protected against corrosion by galvanizing.

The preventive maintenance recommendations are:

Reinforced concrete

Typical Deflective parapet

 Typical Safety Curb, Parapet and Aluminum railing

Deep Beam Guardrail With Steel Tubular Backup

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