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Eastern Corridor work continues with improvements to SR 32

Eastern Corridor work continues with improvements to SR 32
ODOT identifies plan for SR 32 following

comprehensive public involvement process


  LEBANON  (Sept. 3, 2014) – A portion of one of Ohio’s most important corridors for commerce and travel – the State Route  32 roadway – will receive another major facelift the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced today. The result of significant public involvement and study, ODOT has identified plans for improvements to be made on SR 32 between Eastgate Boulevard and Olive Branch-Stonelick Road.


   The “preferred alternative” (a term that denotes the conclusion of a federally-mandated study    

    process) will add to the improvement work already taking place in and around the Eastgate area  

    to ease congestion, improve safety and provide the infrastructure necessary for further

    economic development and investment in the area.

    The project, also known as Segment  IVa of the Eastern Corridor Program, was developed to better

    support increasing levels of traffic, reduce congestion and improve roadway safety.


    Elements of the preferred alternative include:


·         Widening SR 32 by adding a travel lane in each direction

·         Removing traffic signals and closing local access between Eastgate Boulevard and Olive Branch-Stonelick Road

·         Providing a new westbound exit from SR 32 to Glen Este-Withamsville Road and an eastbound exit to Clepper Lane

·         Constructing a new bridge to allow Glen Este-Withamsville Road to travel over SR 32

·         Extending Clepper Lane east to Bach Buxton

·         Constructing a new interchange near Elick Lane/Bach Buxton Road which includes a bridge over SR 32

·         Constructing a new bridge to allow Old SR 74 to travel over SR 32

·         Making additional local roadway network improvements to better connect Old SR 74, Glen Este-Withamsville Road and Clepper Lane with SR 32


Transportation planners selected these improvements following a comprehensive alternative evaluation process that looked at multiple options and included preliminary engineering, environmental studies, extensive coordination with the Clermont County Engineer’s Office, and three public involvement meetings. Selection factors considered how well the various options met project goals, functionality, potential impacts, construction costs and input from area residents and businesses. 


“We’re excited that we’ve reached this important milestone in the work to improve travel along SR 32, which is widely-recognized as an important artery for east-west travel in the region,” said Jay Hamilton, project manager for ODOT’s District 8 office. “This work is an important component of the work already taking place on SR 32 at the I-275 interchange in the Eastgate area, and will improve connectivity for the tens of thousands of motorists who travel through this area daily.”


Hamilton also emphasized the role of public involvement in the planning process, noting that three public involvement meetings were held to provide community members, local property owners and businesses with the opportunity to provide feedback on the multiple alternatives that were under consideration during the study process. “We are very confident that the solution we’ve identified will meet the needs of the local community and provide the infrastructure needed to support the significant flow of people, goods and services that moves through this area,” said Hamilton. 


Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger echoed Hamilton’s enthusiasm and reiterated the benefit that the
SR 32 improvement work brings to the entire region, stating, “The improvements being made in the Eastgate area represent a series of planned, phased, integrated improvements that will make travel through this area safer, quicker and more efficient.”


Manger continued, “The Eastern Corridor transportation improvements provide the foundation for economic development and investment by creating better access and connectivity for employers and the employment base that supports our regional economy. The Clermont County Transportation Improvement District (CCTID) is proud to be an implementation partner of the Eastern Corridor Program and we look forward to working with ODOT on the SR 32 improvement work in the months to come.”


During upcoming months, ODOT will be preparing detailed designs, coordinating with resource agencies and obtaining the necessary environmental clearances for the project. In addition, ODOT and the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District are currently exploring funding options for related project components.


To date, the CCTID has received funds from the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) to construct the Clepper Lane extension, and improvements on Old SR 74 from Schoolhouse Road to Glen Este-Withamsville Road. This work will improve access in the area as well as to and from SR 32.  Construction on these project elements will begin in the summer of 2018.​