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Innerbelt Bridge
Business Resources
Cleveland businesses that will be affected by the George V. Voinovich Bridge Project are making plans to deal with traffic disruptions. With preparation and patience we can all survive the challenge of this work and continue to patronize our favorite businesses, restaurants, attractions, theaters and events.  Below are a variety of resources to help local businesses prepare for roadway and ramp changes during the project.  

 Dear Valued Business Owner:

Construction of a pair of new bridges to replace the aging "Innerbelt Bridge" is continuing at pace and the new westbound bridge – the first of the pair – is open to traffic!  The first new bridge is temporarily carrying traffic in both directions during construction of the second (eastbound) bridge.  During this time, there are numerous closures and restrictions along some area routes.


While our team has spent many hours preparing for these traffic changes, we recognize that the local business community is facing a new set of challenges during certain construction impacts associated with the project.


We have put together this webpage to help you prepare for a variety of roadway and ramp changes during the project.  Interstate 90 provides access to some of the region’s most vibrant business, shopping, cultural and entertainment districts.  With planning and creative problem solving, we are confident that you can succeed in retaining your existing customers and attracting new patrons.


We hope you will find this information helpful as your prepare for current and future construction impacts.




Dave Lastovka, P.E.

Project Manager

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