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Project Funding Plan




TRAC's policy is to encourage local and private entities to leverage the state's transportation capital by contributing additional funds to projects,  This policy allows Ohio to increase its infrastructure investment, giving local project proponents additional means to complete projects which otherwise would not be possible, and encourage those who benefit mostly form projects to participate in their construction. The TRAC will maximize public investment by assigning points to projects based on the amount of private funding an local, public funding dedicated to the project by its sponsor.


A variety of local funding will be considered as eligible to demonstrate local investment including:

  • Federal-aid highway funds sub-allocated to MPOs and County Engineers
  • State grants from the Ohio Public Work Commission or the Development Service Agency
  • Private Funds
  • Municipal Funds.

Percentage of local funding commitments for the phase(s) requested

TRAC will consider the local sponsor funding commitments as a percentage of the phase being requested as "new' TRAC funds in the application. 

Range​ ​ Points​
0​ 10% 0​
11%​ 20% 2​
21% 30% 4​
31% 40% 6​
41%+​ ​ 8

Percentage of the total local funding commitments for the entire project


TRAC will consider the local sponsor funding commitments as a percentage of entire project costs.

Range​ ​ Points​
0​ 10% 0​
11% 20% 1​
21% 30% 2​
31% 40% 3​
41%+​ ​ 4

Number of non-ODOT funding sources



As part of the funding plan TRAC will consider the number of non-ODOT funding sources.

# of Sources​ Points​
3​ 1​
4​ 2​
5+ 3