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Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP)

Archived STIP


 2014-2017 STIP Approved Amendments

STIP AM 01 Proj List FTA_Approved 2013-11-13.pdf
STIP AM 01 Proj List_Approved 2013-07-18.pdf
STIP AM 02 Proj List FTA_Approved 2014-02-07.pdf
STIP AM 02 Proj List Special_Approved 2013-08-13.pdf
STIP AM 03 Proj List FTA_ Approved 2014-05-08.pdf
STIP AM 03 Proj List_Approved 2013-10-24.pdf
STIP AM 04 Proj List FTA_ Approved 2014-06-06.pdf
STIP AM 04 Proj List Special_Approved 2013-11-25.pdf
STIP AM 05 Proj List FTA_Approved 2014-06-26.pdf
STIP AM 05 Proj List Special_Approved 2013-12-17.pdf
STIP AM 06 Proj List FTA_Approved 2014-10-10.pdf
STIP AM 06 Proj List_Approved 2014-01-10.pdf
STIP AM 07 Proj List FTA_Approved 2015-02-09.pdf
STIP AM 07 Project List Special_Approved 2014-02-03.pdf
STIP AM 08 Proj List FTA_Approved 2015-04-24.pdf
STIP AM 08 Project List_Approved 2014-04-03.pdf
STIP AM 09 Project List Special_Approved 2014-05-01.pdf
STIP AM 10 Project List_Approved 2014-07-01.pdf
STIP AM 11 Project List_Approved 2014-10-07.pdf
STIP AM 12 Project List_Approved 2015-01-09.pdf
STIP AM 13 Proj List Special_Approved 2015-02-02.pdf
STIP AM 14 Proj List _Approved 2015 04 02.pdf

 2014-2017 STIP

2014-2017 STIP FHWA Approval Letter 2013 July 1.pdf
2014-2017 STIP Narrative and Carry Forward List.pdf
2014-2017 STIP Project List.pdf
2014-2017 STIP Project List_with Changes_ as of 2015-07-20.pdf

 2012-2015 Approved Amendments

Procedures for STIP Amendments and Modifications.pdf
STIP AM 1.pdf
STIP AM 10.pdf
STIP AM 11.pdf
STIP AM 2.pdf
STIP AM 3.pdf
STIP AM 4.pdf
STIP AM 5.pdf
STIP AM 6.pdf
STIP AM 7.pdf
STIP AM 8.pdf
STIP AM 9.pdf

 2012-2015 STIP

2012 to 2015 STIP Project Final Listing.pdf

 2008-2011 STIP

2008-2011 Final STIP Highway Project List.pdf
2008-2011 STIP Narrative.pdf
2008-2011 STIP-FINAL Revised 5-21 Transit Project List.pdf

 2006-2009 STIP

2006-2009 Final STIP Narrative.pdf
2006-2009 Final STIP Project List Highways.pdf
2006-2009 STIP AQ Map.pdf
2006-2009 STIP MPO_Map.PDF
2006-2009 STIP Table 5 Business Plan Forecast.pdf
2006-2009 STIP Table 6 Budget.pdf
2006-2009 Transit STIP Table-Final.pdf