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lpa9.pdflpa9LOR-City of Lorain Safe Routes To School03-01-24     3:00pm1/26/2024 12:54 PM 
lpa17.pdflpa17STA-Stark County Park District Trail & Park User Study02-23-24     3:00pm1/26/2024 12:57 PM 
lpa15.pdflpa15MAD-CR7-9.85 REVISED02-26-24     3:30pm2/12/2024 11:37 AM 
lpa19.pdflpa19MAH-CR119-2.1003-08-24     3:00pm2/2/2024 11:19 AM 
lpa20.pdflpa20POR-Sunrise Boulevard-2.5002-28-24     4:00pm2/2/2024 11:20 AM 
lpa21.pdflpa21WYA-Carey Safe Routes to School Phase 202-27-24     4:30pm2/2/2024 11:21 AM 
lpa23.pdflpa23VAR-Air Quality Forecasting02-24-24     5:00pm2/2/2024 11:22 AM 
lpa4.pdflpa4HAR-US68/SR3102-27-24     4:30pm2/9/2024 1:11 PM 
lpa7.pdflpa7POR-Randolph Road03-11-24     4:30pm2/9/2024 1:12 PM 
lpa11.pdflpa11SUM-South Main St03-05-24     1:00PM2/16/2024 8:54 AM 
lpa2.pdflpa2COL-Duquesne St03-12-24     4:30PM2/16/2024 8:54 AM 
lpa12.pdflpa12WAS-Beverly Sidewalks03-11-24     4:30PM2/16/2024 8:54 AM 
lpa6.pdflpa6COL-Fairfield School Rd03-12-24     4:30PM2/16/2024 8:54 AM 
lpa3.pdflpa3FRA-CR27-10.77/10.8903-18-24     4:00pm2/23/2024 1:07 PM 
lpa5.pdflpa5MOT-Geotechnical Engineering & Construction Inspection03-18-24     2:30pm2/23/2024 1:07 PM