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Office of Geotechnical Engineering

MicroStation Geotechnical Drafting Videos

The Office of Geotechnical Engineering and Office of CADD & Mapping Services have produced instructional videos to aid in drafting geotechnical exploration plans.  The following videos are available:

Geotechnical Report Video – Video shows how to use the Geotechnical Report vba in MicroStation & Geopak to export boring location information out of a gpk file for use in gINT and how to convert Northing & Easting values to Latitude & Longitude values in gINT.

gINT Fence Reports & gINT Graphics Conversion Video – Video shows how use the ODOT Standard Fence Reports in gINT to export boring graphics out of gINT, how to use the gINT Conversion vba in MicroStation to convert the boring graphics to meet the ODOT CADD Standards and how to use the Move to Models tool to set-up the boring graphics for use with the Place Boring Graphics vba.

Place Boring Graphics Video – Video shows how to use the Place Boring Graphics vba in MicroStation & Geopak to place the boring graphics on Profiles and Cross-sections.

These videos are available on the CADD & Mapping training website at the following address: