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Prevailing Wage

​Prevailing Wage

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District 1Gary Kramer419-999-6809
District 2Colette Woods419-373-4333
District 3Kyezer Jarvi419-207-7149
District 4Elizabeth Walton330-786-3157
District 4Jeff Inman330-786-3175
District 5Tom Romine740-323-5146
District 6Jason Stith740-833-8062
District 6Teresa Vannoy740-833-8087
District 7Rhonda Voisard937-497-6871
District 8Tony Cunningham513-933-6550
District 9Marcia Montalto740-774-8915
District 10Lisa Mayle740-568-3936
District 11Sabrina Bell330-308-3944
District 12David Duncan216-584-2156
District 12Jermaine Thomas216-584-2199
District 12Lucille Micatrotto216-584-2158
collapse Category : Prevailing Wage - Miscellaneous ‎(2)
Finding a Current USDOL Wage Determination.pdfFinding a Current USDOL Wage Determination441 KB  
Finding an Archived Wage Determination.pdfFinding an Archived Wage Determination714 KB  
collapse Category : Prevailing Wage & EEO Posters ‎(13)
Poster Checklist 2013 Federal.pdfPoster Checklist 2013 Federal1170 KB  
Poster Checklist 2013 State.pdfPoster Checklist 2013 State879 KB  
PW_1495.pdfPW_149524 KB  
PW_eeoc_spanish.pdfPW_eeoc_spanish79 KB  
PW_eeopost.pdfPW_eeopost15 KB  
PW_EmployeeRights.pdfPW_EmployeeRights122 KB  
PW_FedMinWage.pdfPW_FedMinWage55 KB  
PW_fedprojc.pdfPW_fedprojc51 KB  
PW_FHWA1022.pdfPW_FHWA102218 KB  
PW_FHWA1495a(Spanish).pdfPW_FHWA1495a(Spanish)60 KB  
PW_MLLPoster.pdfPW_MLLPoster55 KB  
PW_MWPoster.pdfPW_MWPoster76 KB  
PW_Ohio_Fair_Employement_OCRC.pdfPW_Ohio_Fair_Employement_OCRC128 KB  
collapse Category : Prevailing Wage Forms ‎(10)
Certified Payroll Form - Blank (Excel).aspxCertified Payroll Form - Blank (Excel)3 KB  
Complaint Form 1.pdfComplaint Form 11362 KB  
FHWA Annual EEO Report  PR-1391.aspxFHWA Annual EEO Report PR-13913 KB  
Final Wage Affidavit.pdfFinal Wage Affidavit36 KB  
Notification Form 1512.pdfNotification Form 151236 KB  
PQ_C92.docPQ_C92136 KB  
PW_ProjectInterviewForm-revised.pdfPW_ProjectInterviewForm-revised38 KB  
SF1444.pdfSF1444124 KB  
Statement of Compliance.pdfStatement of Compliance66 KB  
USDOL Certified Payroll wh347.pdfUSDOL Certified Payroll wh347272 KB  
collapse Category : Prevailing Wage Laws & Regulations ‎(6)
Davis-Bacon.pdfDavis-Bacon122 KB  
Federal Circular 1273.pdfFederal Circular 1273216 KB  
ORC 4115.pdfORC 411561 KB  
Prevailing Wage Thresholds.docPrevailing Wage Thresholds35 KB  
Trucking Guidelines.PDFTrucking Guidelines22 KB  
USDOL Field Operations Handbook.pdfUSDOL Field Operations Handbook3753 KB